Fountains Antiqued Limestone

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The Fountains Antiqued Limestone has been produced with older properties in mind and those looking for a darker toned floor with aged character.

Hand chiselled edges and a buffed textured surface creates the appearance of a patina created by years of wear and tear, making it a great choice for British homes full of character. 

Formatted to our most popular sizing - 600xRandomLengthx22mm is the perfect nod to the traditional style of using multiple sizes while maintaining a large format aesthetic.

Predominantly overall a black / anthracite tone with a mid grey tone flecked through in parts of the background.

Random Length Format - 600x600, 600x700, 600x800, 600x900mm - Equal quantities of each.

Recommended Grout Colour - Dark Grey


Please note we have a minimum order quantity of 5m2.

We can also supply adhesive, grout and sealant at very competitive prices when ordering tiles from our website - please call our sales advisers on 01904 607 675 to discuss installation materials.