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13 Extraordinary Bathtubs You Will Love

Image source by Bagno Sasso Mobili 

Taking a bath after a hard day at work is probably the most relaxing and recharging activity you can think of. In order to fully enjoy this ritual it is good to have the bathroom of your dreams. You can have it designed with natural stone tiles, wood, glass and lights and decorated with flowers, candles or figurines. The focal point of this retreat however is the bathtub. Forget the traditional white ceramic tub and dare be bold with these 13 extraordinary suggestions below, which will make you reconsider your perception of having a bath.  


1 Water Lounge  

Water Lounge is an innovative freestanding bathtub created by NOA design bureau with the aim to combine beauty, boldness and functionality into one. The body of the bath is made of laminated tempered glass and the bottom is of teak wood. The water inlet is via the reading light and the bottom is fitted with special air massage system, which fills the tub with bubbles to create a spa-like feeling, while the lounger allows to lay comfortably for as long as you like. 

Image source by HOESCH 


2 Bathtub Ergo +   

This bathtub incorporates ergonomics not only in its name but also in all the functionality it offers. Designed by Günther Horntrich the model comes not only in different shapes (oval, rectangular, square and corner) but also as freestanding and fitted options. ​​It is an excellent whirltub as it has overflow all around that also serves as a splash guard. This area can be fitted with LED lights upon your request to give a more intimate atmosphere.


Image source by HOESCH 


3 I-Sopod Floatation tank 

This is not a simple bathtub, it is a floatation tank designed to relieve your body from the stress and help you recover by freeing your senses from the burden of gravity, sound, sight, touch. The technology initially created and used mainly by athletes to improve their performance, is now available to anyone. It is fitted with LED spa lights and can be in different colours to best match your personality. Enjoy the magic of floating at your own bath.  

Image source by Floatworks 


4  Sorgente bathtub/pool  

Sorgente is a unique fitted bathtub designed by Fabio Lenci that has the functionality of a swimming pool. It has an automated water filling system that makes this possible. Besides, you can customize the way it looks depending on your desire since it comes with covering that includes different materials, such as natural stone, and you can choose the bathtub dimensions as well. Enjoy your own mini-pool at home. 

Image source by Teuco 


5 The Hammock bath  

The ultimate relaxation place – an excellent combination of a bathtub and a hammock with a curved design that allows you to relax comfortably for hours. It literally takes bathing to a new level, since the bath is suspended from the walls and doesn't touch the floor. It is made in England from carbon fibre – a material that is very strong and durable and comes in custom length between 2.6 and 3.00 m. 

Image source by SplinterWorks 


6 Japanese Ofuro wooden bathtub  

The wooden bathtub is an eternal classic. The Japanese Ofuro tub you see strikes with its simplicity and functionality. The rectangular form is reminiscent of old times and the teak wood is warm and welcoming. All wooden bathtubs by bath in Wood are custom-made according to your personal requirements.  

Image source by Bath in Wood 


7 Freestanding copper tub  

If you want to feel like a king or queen than the freestanding copper bathtub is the solution. This copper tub is unique as it is handmade and the patina is applied using French hot process to guarantee that the color will stay. The tub is supported by a wrought iron stand decorated with rose flowers, petals and dragon flies. 



8 The Rock Crystal bathtub  

This tub is literally one of a kind as it is made of a single 10 000 kg block of rock crystal from the Amazonian rainforest. It is named the jewel of Baldi for a reason – it is a masterpiece that combines the artwork of nature and man into one to create unique feeling for those soaking into it. The rough outer surface highlights the aesthetic qualities of the crystal. So if you have a spare 1 million euros hurry up and take this beauty home.


Image source by Baldi  


9 Natural stone bathtub with matching sink  

Good news for the natural stone lovers, especially if you can't afford the above-mentioned tub, you can order your own marble or granite bathtub with a matching sink. You can choose between different shapes, sizes and colours. Invite nature in your bath with these luxury creations.  

Image source by Stone Forest 



BATHSPHERE is not a bathtub – it is a concept of space in space, as the designer Alexander Zhukovsky describes it. Despite hanging from the ceiling of virtually any room you choose, the sphere has many other peculiarities. You can create your own world inside by choosing the level of humidity, the temperature, the lights, sounds and even the smell. It can be both a tub and a shower and is a unique retreat from the surrounding world. 

Image source by Alexander Zhukovsky 


11 Ocean shell  

If you like walking on the shore and collecting shells, then you can recreate this atmosphere in your own bath with the help of Bagno Sasso and their wooden Ocean shell. The sleek design and the warmth of the wood make the bathtub a comfortable retreat from all your worries.  

Image source by Bagno Sasso 


12 Audrey - The Shoe bathtub 

SICIS surely know how to use mosaic and show it in their luxurious shoe-shaped tub. No woman has enough shoes in her wardrobe so why noe enhance your collection by adding one into your bathroom? This elegant tub comes in bold decoration and colours and can be customized to meet the requirements of the most extravagant diva.  

Image source by SICIS 


13 Yin and Yang bathtub for couples  

Spending time together with your partner is a precious gift and Trautwein offers yet another solution for a peaceful bliss together – a bath for two but not in the traditional way. This Yin and Yang bathtub allows you to be with your loved one while enjoying the privacy of your own tub. Thus each of the partners can adjust temperature, water quantity and aroma scents used in the tub according to their personal desires, while sharing the relaxing time.  

Image source by Trautwein  

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