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5 Elements of the Cozy Rustic Family Room


If you want to turn the family room into a cozy retreat, where you can feel the warm embrace of the furniture and the soothing colours on the wall, then you should opt for the rustic style. Its time-worn accents bring tranquility and a sense of history and belonging. It is suitable both for an overall house décor and for decorating a statement space. The rustic charm combines well with other styles and fits all rooms – from the master bathroom to the kitchen.  

If you are attracted by its rough-hewn beauty and want to recreate it into your family room, here are the basics of the style that you need to follow. The main challenge that lays ahead of you is to arrange your interior in a way that mimics the simplicity and beauty of the nature and then add a pinch of your imagination to create warmth and comfort.  


Cozy Rustic Paint Colours 


Image via Pinterest


One of the typical rustic features are the deep and natural colours used for painting the walls. If you want some inspiration than go outside and have a look around. The countryside scenery is all you need to steel some ideas – deep earthen tones, pine green, gray rough stones, the red of the barn. This is how to recreate this relaxed and welcoming vibe in your family room. You should try some of these shades: 

  • Deep, warm red – red has a strong presence and is an excellent accent colour  
  • Neutral beige with a hint of gold 
  • Warm brown 
  • Gray stone 
  • Pale or hazelnut cream 
  • Different shades of green – from the bright pine green to the grayish green 
  • Violet – this is not the most typical rustic colour but combines excellent with exposed stone, weathered wood or a crystal chandelier to add romance to the eternal rustic style.  

You can opt for one colour for the entire family room, or choose one basic and one accent shade, depending on the rest of your setting. Just keep in mind that the aim is for the room to look cozy and relaxing, not over-stimulating.  


The Eternal Rustic Element: The Fireplace  


No doubt the fireplace is one of the symbols often associated with the rustic style. Not to mention that it is the focal point of the family room. Fire brings everyone together in the cold winter nights. It's the place to listen to your grandma telling fairy tales or sip a glass of wine with your beloved one. A standard fireplace with a stone fireplace surround immediately brings the rustic style into any home even in the heart of the city. The natural stone tiles of the fireplace combine perfectly with the organic textures of the wooden floor and furniture used in such rustic family settings.  


Natural Stone Elements to Compliment the Rustic Décor  


Image via Peace Design

One of the intrinsic features of the rustic style is that it brings nature inside. Therefore, using natural elements such as natural stone is a possible combination that compliments the overall rustic look. Two of the best ways to utilize natural stone are: 

  • Exposed walls – an exposed brick or limestone wall defines a cozy corner in the family room; 
  • Countertops – this option is for bigger family rooms, that include a kitchen or a dining corner. A grey granite countertop will work both as dividing line between the two areas and as uniting element and smooth transition to a more modern cooking/dining space.  

If you are fan of natural stone accessories you can even have a marble table at the center of your room, although a weathered wood one will fit the overall rustic atmosphere better.  


Wooden Elements for a True Rustic Feeling  


No room has a real rustic atmosphere without that cabin-feeling only wooden elements can bring. Weathered wood frames or accents is what you are looking for. The three main elements of a truly rustic room that should be made of wood are: 

  • Floors – hardwood floors best represent the true rustic look, the earthen tones, the warmth, the smooth feeling when you step barefooted;  
  • Ceiling – having exposed beams on the ceiling of your family room is a romantic way to welcome the rustic style in. They soften the look and make the room look warmer and cozy;  
  • Wood furniture and accents – rough or oversized wood furniture, reusing materials, celebrating distressed wood furniture – these are the elements you are looking for a real rustic feeling. Each scratch and mark show that the room is not sterile but has been lived in and loved.  


Textured Carpets and Rugs  


To complete the cozy rustic look of your family room throw a few textured rugs or a carpet over the wood or stone floor you have chosen. If you happen to have some hand-made rugs go for them. A few cushions will also make the room more welcoming and a better fir for small kids and pets.  



An iconic element of a rustic room is the old oversized leather chair – preferably one that can seat two. You can make it the focal point of your family room or put it in a corner where you can enjoy a book or the view through your wooden-framed windows.  

Feeling comfy already? 

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