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Looking after your natural stone: four top tips

How to look after your natural stone

Natural stone tiles make any home look magnificent. Whether you have travertine floors, granite worktops or a marble staircase, all natural stone needs to be properly installed and, very importantly, well looked after. If you care properly for the stone in your home it will last a lifetime. Follow our advice for looking after it:

1) Instruct the experts

When it comes to installing natural stone, leave it to the experts to source, prepare and install the material. We've been supplying natural stone for many decades now and we know exactly how to find and fit the right tiles for your style ensuring a great finish and little waste.

2) Purchase the right aftercare kit

If you are paying for quality stone, ensure you pay for the accompanying aftercare products that are recommended by the installers. Different stones require different aftercare products and routines and it is important to follow our advice on this. We supply only the very best aftercare products from Lithofin - various sealing and cleaning products are available based on stone, finish and surface type.

3) Seal your stone

Once you have fitted your stone, you will be given 'sealing' advice, this is a Lithofin product that makes stone stain resistant and facilitates maintenance. We recommend all stones are sealed every two years or so. Even with the sealant applied, ensure all spillages are wiped up quickly and effectively, water should not cause an issue but oil could stain and will require Lithofin Oil-Ex.

4) Keep chemicals away

Harsh chemicals will not be a welcome treatment for your natural stone. Most stones are porous meaning they will absorb chemicals in cleaning products which could make them discolour. Our advice is to follow the recommendations you are given and use softer cleaning products.

To find out more about our range of aftercare products and how to look after your natural stone. Visit the Lithofin website FAQs here.

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