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Black and White Marble

black and white marble bathroom, kitchen, floor

Marble is a luxury stone that can be used in any room in your house. It is timeless and classic. Not only it adds a million-dollar look to any room where it is incorporated but makes it into a piece of art. Marble comes in many colours, however, black and white are all-time favorites.

Different hues have different feels to them. They do bring slightly different emotions too, however, in the case of black and white marble, nothing can go wrong. It is suitable for each room and any furniture.

Combine or Divide

Combinations of these two colours allow for beautiful and classy looks. It's no surprise that they are very common.

Using only black or only white marble can create a stunning aesthetic anywhere in your home. Combine the two and the results are remarkable!


There are certain marble tile floor patterns, which require the combined use of black and white tiles. Some are more suitable for a bathroom and others for a foyer but perhaps it's best if you decide for yourself where you'd want to use them.

The checkerboard pattern is a classic. It is achieved by setting black and white tiles of the same square size in a straight or diagonal direction. This pattern is a great option for a foyer floor.

For the Classic French pattern, large white tiles are notched at regular intervals with smaller black accent tiles. The tiles are set diagonally.

The Pinwheel floor pattern is where a small square tile is surrounded by four larger ones. Whether you would pick white for the small square and black for the larger ones or the other way around depends entirely on your personal taste.

The windmill is somewhat similar to the pinwheel pattern. But here, a small square tile is surrounded by four other small rectangles. The outcome looks like a grid of dots.

Accent walls

Combining black and white marble is not only for the floor. It is also possible for the walls. Here are some ideas:

  • Make one wall entirely black and another entirely white. This is a good option for the bathroom.
  • Use an unique custom mosaic, designed specifically for your room.
  • Combine big (white) tiles with long (black) narrow rectangle tiles to form horizontal or vertical stripes on the wall.

Black kitchens and bathrooms

Black kitchens and bathrooms are very modern right now. When thinking of the design of your kitchen and bathroom, black, is probably one of the last colours that comes to mind. You would be surprised by how good it actually lies.

In the kitchen, you can find black marble used for anything from the decoration to the floors, walls, kitchen islands and countertops. Completely black kitchens are also a thing and a very stylish one at that. If having a completely black kitchen is a bit too much for you, the combination of black and white is very classy.

If you are resistant to using marble for the kitchen due to worry of staining, there is a solution. Marble is not as delicate as one might think. An easy way to remove small stains from marble surface is to make a poultice by combining baking soda and water. For extra care, one can apply sealer adding an extra layer, which is to protect the marble from stains.

Bathrooms are most commonly white, so using white marble for your bathroom might be something you are already considering. Making your bathroom all black, on the other hand, is something fresh. Black is timeless, elegant and classic, and so will be your bathroom.

It is a good idea to have the walls and the floors in one colour and your bathtub and sink in a different colour.

Different Rooms

Having covered floors and walls, kitchen islands and bathtubs, what else is there that can be made out of marble. The answer - everything.

  • For the bedroom, you can get all the furniture made of marble. This would include the bed, nightstand, wardrobe (if there is no walk-in closet) and vanity. 
  • As for the foyer, besides using a checkerboard marble pattern for the floor a good idea is to add marble sculptures.
  • In the living room, something that will truly catch a person’s eye is a touch of marble columns. A marble coffee table, fireplace, and even piano are among the things one might want to consider featuring.
  • Accessories – if you are a fan of marble you might want to get a marble cell phone case and a marble cover for your laptop. 

If marble is the right natural stone for you come to one of our showrooms with current locations in York and Watford where you can consult with our experts.

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