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Elegant Natural Stone Bathroom Solutions


The idea of using natural stone in the bathroom is nothing new and this material has been the symbol of elegance since old times. Because of its exquisite qualities and broad spectrum of usage, natural stone can become part of your bathroom in any form. One of the universal usages of stone tiles is as flooring or as a combination of floor and wall tiles. In recent years quite popular are bathtubs and sinks made of marble or granite and even more exotic semi-precious stones such as amethyst. The variety of stones allows you to choose the proper shades and nuances that match your overall design concept. This natural material is suitable to recreate both old, romantic looks, rustic atmosphere or sleek and ultramodern décor. Today we will focus on two options out of this deep pool of natural stone suggestions – the stone wall as an accent and the combination of stone in different parts of the bathroom. We hope to help you find your elegant natural stone bathroom solution in the images below.  


Stone wall 

One of the most stylish options for decorating your bathroom is the stone wall. There is a variety of solutions that you can opt for depending on the style you have chosen. You can choose an exposed stone wall or glacier cladding to complete the stunning atmosphere of your bathroom. The combination with wood, copper or ceramic tiles helps you improve the overall décor.  


Exposed stone inside the renovated bathroom adds old world charm. Design: POC+P architects



Luxurious master bathroom brings the comfort of spa home. Design: Eldorado Stone



Rough cut stone wall and wooden ceiling beams create a cozy ambiance in the bathroom. Design: Eldorado Stone



Oyster Cut Coarse Stone shapes the fabulous backdrop in this Zen-styled modern bathroom. Design: Eldorado Stone



Custom bathtub niche in stone.



Gorgeous bathroom with natural stone wall and sunken tub



Skylights give the bathroom dramatic visual appeal. Design: VELUX



The combination of exposed stone wall, antiqued wood and the form of the mirrors is reminiscent of older times.


Stone combinations  

If you are looking for a richer and more dramatic look of your bathroom you can use a combination of stone for different features in the room. You can have the stone wall as discussed above and combine it with relevant natural stone vanity tops, floors, sinks or bathtubs. You can decorate your entire bathroom in stone, including the ceiling or use other materials to either compliment or contrast with the natural stone.  


Copper bathtub and Flagstone Slate create a fabulous, rustic bathroom. Design: High Camp Home



Irish green marble creates a vivacious accent wall in the contemporary bathroom. Design: Domb architects



Polished marble in the bathroom adds an air of luxury. Design: Blaze Makoid Architecture



Free-standing bathtub on a stone platform.



The combination of different natural stone and wood creates a warm and cozy atmosphere



 Bull horns above the stone-clad bathtub remind us of the cowboys in Texas



Grey granite tiles combined with shiny white bathtub and sink give this bathroom clean and elegant look.



This all-in-stone-design gives a spa feeling to the bathroom



Matching bathtub and sinks. Design: MARAYA Interior Design


Shower bathrooms rock in stone

The beauty of natural stone is not reserved only for bathrooms equipped with bathtubs. Shower bathrooms also rock in stone. It is up to you whether to opt for a stone wall or combine different materials to achieve the desired design.


Natural stone and pebbles create an exotic, tropical style bathroom. Design: Henarise Pty Ltd / Photography: Cameron Ramsay



Round shower cabin featuring stone wall and natural stone flooring.



A shower island amid a stone-clad bathroom.



Waterfall shower head is a perfect fit for the fabulous stone wall and flooring in the bathroom. Design: Tyner Construction


These were just a few suggestions how to make your bathroom look elegant by using natural stone features in it. If you have any questions about a particular stone and how to order it, our team is here to help you! 

 All images are taken from decoist and decoholic

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