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Find The Best Colour to Match Your Stone Kitchen


The kitchen is often considered the focal point of any home and regardless of its size we spend a lot of time thinking how to organize it in the best possible way so that it incorporates functionality and beauty in one. Choosing the best colour and material for the cabinets, countertops, walls and floors is indeed a hard task and when you add the appliances and ornaments the job looks too big for you. Of course, you can always hire a professional designer to help you with the décor but it is always better if you have some ideas that you can start from. Below we will present you some suggestions that may serve as a source for inspiration.  


Opt for a natural stone kitchen  

Our starting point will be the usage of natural stone tiles as the prime material for your kitchen countertops and/or floors since they are durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain and are excellent to recreate any look – from modern and contemporary to rustic and Elizabethan-style. Marble and granite are among the most popular stones to use for decorating or remodeling your kitchen, however slate, travertine and limestone are also a smart choice especially for the floors or backsplashes. Of all the high quality stones offered, granite is perhaps the most preferred option for countertops since it comes in so many shades and surface finishes that it will positively match your personal style. Another advantage of the natural stone tiles is that they blend perfectly with all other materials – wood, iron, ceramic, porcelain or cement tiles, even concrete. And due to the variety of the stone shades and hues they can serve either as the main colour of the kitchen or as an accent to a uni-coloured room. Now comes the task to choose the appropriate nuance of your kitchen. Experts advise that it is better to identify three colours that you are going to use – the main one will be your favourite colour, the second one will be the shade next to it and as an accent you shall opt for a colour across the specter from your favourite one. Yellow and green red, blue, white and grey are shades that are usually associated with the kitchen, however you should go for the one that you like best no matter if it is currently the colour of the year or not. The most important thing is to create warm and welcoming atmosphere that brings a smile to your face early in the morning while drinking your first coffee or in the late afternoon during the fuss over dinner preparation.  

Here are some of the trendy suggestions that you might pick up for your kitchen 


Black and white 

The timeless classic combination of black and white is an excellent choice for a kitchen made by those who are not willing to follow temporary fashionable ideas. It is a way to create sophisticated and relaxing atmosphere while opting for a modern, traditional or minimalistic look for your kitchen. You need vision and creativity to combine these basic colours into an amazing design. The good news is that you have the perfect natural stone tiles to match this project – a combination of Italian Carrara Marble floor with Black Extra granite countertop. For a more dramatic look you can swap their places but then be careful with the other black elements in the room in order not to make it too dark.  






An alternative of the black and white kitchen is the pure white one. Opting for a  single colour doesn't mean you can't play with hues and shades or add some colourful accents here and there. You can combine bright and antique white for different pieces in your kitchen. For example you can choose honed finish for your white marble floor and a polished shiny look of the countertop combined with antique white cupboards. You can of course stick to a pure white kitchen without any shades and hues and combine it only with a natural wooden floor. No matter what you choose you should know that white is a timeless colour for a kitchen and it is a symbol of clean and simple lines and ideas. A slight disadvantage of the white kitchen is that it is a bit harder to maintain and all stains and debris should be cleared immediately in order to avoid permanent marks on your floor, countertops or cupboard doors. But its beauty is worth the efforts.  



Yellow and green 

Yellow and green are bright friendly colours that remind us of sunshine, nature, warmth and relaxation. They come in different shades and hues and can be used to achieve both modern and rustic appearance and can be found even in the most luxurious homes. You can opt only for a yellow or only for a green kitchen playing with the various hues but the good news is that they also blend together very well. The brighter shades of both are more energetic and contemporary while the paler and softer tones are soothing and relaxing and make the room appear larger than it is. A good flooring option for a yellow and/or green kitchen will be a natural stone that has a softer look like beige or cream travertine, limestone or multicolour slate. For a modern and more dramatic look, however, you can choose black granite flooring or countertops which will contrast perfectly with the brighter main shades. There are numerous hues of yellow and green and the possibilities of blending them are almost indefinite but the combination of these shiny, friendly colours with the natural appearance of stone tiles is a key to a welcoming kitchen full of joy and yummy aromas.  







Red, blue and lilac accents 

If you want to make a statement and not just any statement but a passionate one, then red is the answer for your kitchen. This energetic colour reminds us of love, strength, desire, romance. The different shades are suitable for classy and elegant kitchens and are also a perfect match for a more nostalgic and retro look. You can choose red as the focal point of the kitchen or just as a highlight (a backsplash is a good example). Similarly, blue kitchen is the synonym of the classy, modern kitchen that can be found in quite expensive and luxurious homes. Blue is associated with the sky, the sea and nature in general. Its paler hues can chill you out while the darker shades will make the atmosphere more sophisticated. Blue cupboards appear quite trendy but they can also be a timeless classic combined with the proper flooring, countertops and appliances. As a variation of the blue kitchen you can also come across a lilac highlight – a backsplash, an occasional cupboard or other ornaments can change the appearance of the room completely. If you are wondering which is the best stone to complement a red, blue or lilac-accented kitchen the answer will be any depending on the shade and appearance you are looking for. For a more retro or rustic appearance you shall opt for farmhouse riven slate or travertine, for the bolder, extravagant looks polished marble or granite are the best solution for countertops and/or floors. As quite often red and blue represent the emotions that we feel, we strongly advise that you should avoid designing your kitchen under the influence of strong emotions.  








Natural, neutral and grey colours  

 If you are not fan of bright, dramatic and extravagant shades, then you shall turn to the natural and neutral colours that will perfectly match your natural stone kitchen. Different shades of grey, for example, are an everlasting classic that even became trendy in the past few years. Neutral kitchen style has one big advantage and that is that it can be turned to match any desire you have – from the simple traditional beauty to a bold contemporary look. The combination of earth tones with natural materials like wood and stone creates warmth and harmony. A grey granite countertop or a Golden Fossil tumbled limestone floor can be the ideal base or focal point of your natural looking kitchen.  







No matter if you opt for a monochromatic, multi-colour or neutral kitchen, make sure to choose only high quality materials so that you can enjoy your piece of art for quite a long time. Combining your preferred shades and nuances with the immaculate natural stone tiles is a guarantee for that.  

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