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How To Make A Smaller Kitchen Look Bigger

Choosing the right size tile for a smaller kitchen can be a daunting task. When designing a small kitchen a key part is to try and make that small space feel bigger and brighter and the chosen tile size can have a big impact on this.

You would maybe automatically go for small tiles as it is a small room however with the extra grout lines this can often make the kitchen feel smaller than it actually is. Opting for a slightly larger tile can often make the room feel less cluttered and create the illusion of a bigger space.

From working with many customers over the years we believe we have found the perfect small format kitchen tile which is 600 x 400. This size is big enough so that the kitchen doesn’t feel too busy but small enough so that it doesn’t take over the room.

Colour can also play a vital part in helping make your space feel bigger. It is well known that lighter colour tiles reflect more light and therefore will make your kitchen feel more spacious.

A recent customer of ours with a small – medium sized kitchen has demonstrated the importance of size and colour choice perfectly opting for our Garrowby Tumbled Limestone in the 600 x 400 size format.


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