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Indoor/Outdoor Living with Limestone Flooring

Indoor-outdoor living is becoming more and more popular, and building a bridge between your home and nature couldn't be easier with our range of limestone, which includes products that are compatible for interior and exterior. 


There are many benefits of having stone flooring flowing seamlessly from the indoor kitchen/living area to outside. 

Benefits of Indoor/Outdoor Living:

  • Increases the value of your home
  • It is good for your mental health
  • Increases your vitamin D intake
  • It creates additional entertaining options
  • Expands your living space

At Natural Stone Online, we offer a range of limestone products suitable for both internal and exterior use.

Garrowby Tumbled Limestone
One of our best-sellers, Garrowby, creates a lovely natural stone flooring with it's warm beige and oatmeal tones, which blends in seamlessly with both interior and exterior design elements and colour palettes.

Garrowby Tumbled Limestone

Minster Antiqued Limestone
Extend your outdoor area with our best-seller, Minster Antiqued Limestone. With it's beautiful natural colour palette, made up of warm olive, greys and browns, it blends in well with nature, whilst also being a good base to add contemporary design elements.

Minster Antiqued Limestone

Jorvik Grey Antiqued Limestone
Create a contrast to your home and outside area with our Jorvik Antiqued Limestone. It's beautiful mid to dark grey tones pair perfectly with natural wooden beams and furniture, as well as white, black and lighter shades of grey. 

Jorvik Grey Antiqued Limestone

Minster Natural Finish Limestone
Our Minster Limestone, in the natural finish is becoming more popular for both indoor and outdoor projects. This beautiful multi-tonal stone, which is made up of olives, greys and browns, adds subtle hints of colour whilst also working with a range of different colour palettes.

Minster Natural Finish Limestone

Sledmere Grey Antiqued Limestone
This beautiful grey limestone is incredibly durable and hardwearing, making it the perfect material to use when extending your kitchen or dining area to outside. Our Sledmere Limestone is a beautiful mid-grey, making it on trend with modern minimalist aesthetic.

Sledmere Grey Antiqued Limestone

Here at Natural Stone Online, we will be with you every step of the way. 
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See our full range of exterior limestone products here.

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