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Silver Honed & Filled Travertine: The Affordable Luxury Stone


Travertine is a stone with great qualities that comes in several shades and nuances to meet any taste and demand. It can be used both for interior and exterior purposes to recreate modern, rustic or romantic country style. Of all the varieties, however, the silver honed & filled travertine tiles may be the best seller if you want luxurious and yet affordable features for your home. Its marble density and resemblance, the sleek touch of a honed limestone finish and moderate travertine price make it a preferred stone for the decoration of virtually any room in the house.  

Here are some interesting facts about travertine and its origin and several ideas how to utilize the stone in your home. 


Where does travertine come from? 


Travertine is a natural sedimentary rock and is a form of limestone deposited mainly in hot mineral springs. Its origin is a result of precipitation of carbonate minerals in ground and surface waters. The majority of travertine deposits are in Italy but the stone is also often quarried in China, Croatia, Iran, Mexico, Peru and Turkey. There are also a few sites in the USA but the yield is insufficient and most of the travertine needed is imported.  

Travertine has a crystalline structure and texture and is composed mainly of calcite. It is often deposited in limestone caves, where it forms stalactites, stalagmites and other speleothems. The natural color of travertine ranges from whitish to dark grey with marble and quartz details. Warm beige and tan are one of the most popular options for flooring tiles. 

The surface of travertine is naturally covered with pits, which can be filled for a smoother touch as it is the case with silver honed & filled travertine. Some of the other finishes applied to this popular stone include polished, tumbled, honed, and antiqued.  

Travertine has been used as interior and exterior material for buildings for thousands of years and has proven its qualities over time. Besides being an excellent flooring material, travertine is also suitable for walls, decoration, carvings and even vessels 


9 Reasons why silver honed & filled travertine stands out 


Travertine is a popular choice for flooring in bathrooms, kitchens, dining and entrance areas due to its versatile colours and finishes and affordable price. Out of the range of travertine tiles we offer silver honed & filled travertine stands out as an extremely popular choice for indoor projects as a result of the following qualities: 

  • Striking blend of nuances – blue, grey, beige, cream, tan, and rich mottling that makes it reminiscent of marble 
  • Intensified colour as a result of the honed and filled finish 
  • Great contrast with both light and dark fixtures and fittings 
  • Contemporary look due to the cool grey nuances, especially when combined with modern furniture and appliances 
  • Density and resilience make it a stone that can withstand wear and tear 
  • Non-slippery surface due to the honed finish that makes it quite suitable for wet areas 
  • Great for opus or herringbone pattern for floors, walls and backsplash areas 
  • Excellent price-quality ratio – you get that luxury marble look at an excellent price 
  • Multi-purpose – you can use the silver honed & filled travertine for a variety of indoor projects in bathrooms, bedrooms, dining halls, kitchens, living rooms, utility rooms, toilets, entrances. It is suitable for floors, walls, and countertops.  

Just a couple of the above-stated qualities can be a reason to choose a certain product over the other and the fact that silver honed & filled travertine combines them all makes it a true best seller.  


Smart ideas how to use silver honed & filled travertine 

As we already mentioned silver honed & filled travertine is a multipurpose stone that can be used for indoor remodeling and decoration of any room in the house.  

The most popular spaces to find travertine tiles, however, remain the kitchen and the bathroom. 

  • Kitchen décor 

Silver honed & filled travertine is an excellent addition to the vibrant contemporary kitchen. It is a perfect choice for a floor, since it’s a great stone that can withstand traffic and stains and it is fairly easy to maintain. You need to vacuum, sweep and dust it regularly to keep its original luxury look as long as possible. Use natural mild cleaners and water to wash it and avoid any abrasive or acidic substances 



Kitchen with silver travertine floor, image source Pinterest

Silver travertine is also the perfect counter top in your modern kitchen. It combines well with wood and inox kitchen appliances for a complete posh but yet cozy look. It is always a good idea to use protective pads and mats under glasses and hot pots in order to protect the surface. Clean any spills immediately to avoid staining. 



 Travertine kitchen top, image source Houzz


  • Bathroom décor 

Travertine has been used in the construction and decoration of baths ever since the Roman times. Therefore, if you want to recreate this timeless look at your home, travertine is the answer. Beige or tan tiles will evoke a more traditional look, while the silver marble-resembling travertine tiles will make any bath rather posh and luxury looking. Silver honed & filled travertine tiles are suitable both for walls and floors and can be easily combined with a bath tub or a shower, depending on your preferences. 


Traditional bathroom with tub and silver travertine tiles, image source Houzz



 Shower bathroom with travertine tiles, image source Houzz


In a nutshell, it can be concluded that travertine and its silver honed & filled option is the right stone for your modern and luxurious home, when you are on a tighter budget. It combines beauty, longevity and affordability to satisfy any taste. 

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