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Welcome the Mediterranean Style in Your Home with These 5 Simple Ideas



Mediterranean homes remind us of summer, seaside, blue waters and carefree holidays. If you have spent even a few days in this region, you have most probably fallen in love with this romantic and yet vibrant style. It is only natural to want to recreate it back home so that you can continue enjoying it throughout the entire year. The good news is that it is possible to do it.  

You can welcome the romantic elegance and beauty of the Mediterranean with these five simple style ideas. Some of them are quite easy to implement, while others will require a bit more investment in terms of time and money.  




Mediterranean Staircase with terracotta tile floors by Dan Conway, Source: Zillow

Introducing the Mediterranean style to your home starts with the floors. While polished wooden floors can be found in such houses, the tiled floor is the most popular type you should opt for.  

  • Terracotta tiles with their earthen colours are ideal for bringing the Mediterranean character to your house and are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and even terraces.  
  • Grey flagstone is also a common solution both for indoor and outdoor floors most often in the kitchen or the patio.  
  • Natural stone tiles such as limestone and marble are the luxury option for high-end properties. They are appreciated for their durability, beauty, low maintenance and ability to remain cool even in the hottest weather.  
  • Mosaics and hand-made ceramic tiles painted in vibrant colours are a lovely decoration for this classic style. 


Colours and textures  


Colourful kitchen in Mediterranean style, Source: decoist

The colours associated with the Mediterranean are both vibrant and earthy. White houses are decorated with bright red roof tiles or blue window panels. The interior combines white stucco walls with jewel tones such as emerald green or lapis blue as accents. Aubergine or sunflower yellow are also part of this amazing décor. Choosing soothing blue colours for the walls and combining it with bare wooden beams is also a wonderful option to evoke this style at your home. 

Textured walls are also popular in traditional Mediterranean houses. The finish of the plaster can range from smooth to highly textured and rough, depending on your preferences. Adding sand or coffee grounds to the paint can help you achieve this look, but we advise you to get an experienced professional do the job for better results 


Windows and light 


Mediterranean style windows with typical blue ornaments, Source: Travel with a Mate

Typical for Mediterranean architecture are multiple arches and large windows that allow the natural light to easily penetrate the house. Windows should not be covered with heavy curtains but rather with sheers. Avoid much clutter around them, which will be beneficial even for smaller windows. Put a bench underneath to admire the view or enjoy a book. You can add mirrors and opt for glossy furniture finishes to reflect the natural light coming from your windows. Window shutters are also quite typical for this region.

When it comes to using lights, Mediterranean homes are usually decorated with low-hanging chandeliers, made of wood or wrought iron. Multiple shaded bulbs make the atmosphere rather romantic. So do the lanterns, which are also typically used for both additional light and decoration. 




Different pieces of decoration can help you enhance the impact of this classic style at your home. Even simply styling a small coffee table with some olive oil jars and flowers brings some of the Mediterranean atmosphere to your home. Some of the ornaments typical for this décor include: 

  • Wrought iron. It can be introduced in the form of architectural elements such as window frames, banisters, stair or balcony railings. It is commonly used for bed frames or for dining chairs and quite often as outdoor furniture. Candelabra, chandeliers or lam bases made of wrought iron are excellent accessories for your Mediterranean-inspired décor. 


Home balcony with wrought iron railing

  • Wickerwork and woven sea grass. Wicker furniture is one of the easiest ways to get the Mediterranean style in your dining room, for example. It is also extremely popular for patios or outdoor kitchens. Sea grass boxes, on the other hand, are excellent for decoration, while at the same time perfect for storage. 


Mediterranean living room with wickerwork furniture, Source: In-spire LS

  •  Fabrics. While fitted carpets are not typical for the hot Mediterranean climate, you can find an abundancy of rugs, pillows and drapes in almost every room. Some of the textiles most often used for decoration are silk, wool and cotton.  


Elegant drapes, Source: Houzz




For those, who are lucky enough, to live in a house with a garden, it can become the focal point of their Mediterranean style. It should be dominated by abundance of climbing plants, succulents and drought-resisting flowers. Water features like fountains are a must for this style. Don't forget a nice seating place like a bench or gazebo, where you can spend the day enjoying the beauty of your garden. Alleys and paths covered with exterior natural stone tiles or pebbles are also a distinctive feature of this beloved style. Don't miss our Guide to Your Mediterranean Garden coming next week, where you will find clever ideas how to decorate the garden and which plants you should use.  


We can sum up that the key to a Mediterranean-inspired home is in the combination of earthy but vibrant colours, rustic textures, natural stone surfaces, wrought iron ornaments and plenty of plants and natural light.  

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