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2018 Autumn Home Décor Trends


If you like redecorating your home now is the perfect time to do it since autumn is coming and it is time to do some changes that better pass the weather outside and reveal your mood. Before jumping on the project, however, it is a good idea, to get some inspiration and check which are the home décor tendencies that are going to rule 2018 autumn/winter season. While it is not necessary to follow them all or to fully recreate a given look, you can steal some ideas and details that can welcome the autumn with all its beautiful colours and serenity to your home.  

When choosing the right path to redecoration, think whether you need a completely new décor to any of your rooms or just a few details that will change the overall atmosphere. The good news is that with 2018 autumn trends you can do both with no problem – there are complete trend lines that you can follow and there are colours and materials that come back to fashion that you can incorporate in your rooms without much changes to the interior. Have a look at our suggestions below and pick the autumn trend that will make your home feel cozy this season.  


Autumn home décor trend lines to choose from 


Ideal Home identifies five main trends that are going to rule the autumn/winter home décor preferences for 2018. Some of them are known for long, which means that you may not need to redecorate in order to be trendy this season if you have already chosen this style. Other trends mark a quite welcomed coming back. So, here is the offer for the season: 

  • Woodland retreat 

This look is emblematic for the shift of the seasons as it focuses on the colours and textures of autumn – plum, russet, damson, hues of berries and barks. If knitting is your love now it’s the perfect time to display all you have. The aim is to create a cozy retreat where you can feel sheltered and relaxed. The fabrics to look for your decoration are knits and linens and hewn wood is the main material for your furniture.  

  • New Nordic 

If you want style without too much effort the New Nordic trend is the one that you should opt for this autumn. The colour palette is influenced by the Scandinavian way of living and opts for muted nuances such as canvas white, lavender, blush pink. The materials that best complement the overall look are ash or bleached wood, earthenware and buff leather. 

  • Global nomad 

A more eclectic approach to your home décor this autumn includes a mixture of patterns and textures. The global nomad takes home authentic usually handcrafted items to create an atmosphere where you can feel secluded and hibernate in the autumn days. From cushions to wall art the trend is dominated by ochre, umber and spiced red colours while the preferred materials are rope, woven materials and earthenware. 

  • Luxe revival 

For luxe lovers this autumn is the perfect time to add a touch of decadence. Statement lightning and furniture is combined with luxury materials such as brass, marble and velvet to recreate that perfect look you are striving for. The drinks trolley is one of the key furniture pieces that should be present so bottoms up for the revival of the luxe trend.  

  • Modern maker 

Artisan was the leading tendency for spring and summer and craftmanship is the natural continuation for the autumn this year. You can opt for natural materials and their imperfect beauty that brings serenity. The trend is expected to become a boom for the 2019 spring season so go ahead and choose rattan and wicker along with earthenware and wool for the main decorative materials at your home. Stick to pale grey and oatmeal nuances combined with charcoal black and oxidized red.  


Best colours to choose from this autumn 


Redecorating your place for the autumn may include mainly changing the colous in your room to meet the new trends. If you are wondering which are the best nuances for the season Boca do Lobo has prepared a whole trend book to help you with the colours for the autumn. Among the most recommended nuances this season will be: 

  • Navy blue 
  • Autumn maple 
  • Neutral grey 
  • Toast  
  • Scarlet red 
  • Tawny port 
  • Golden lime 
  • Shaded spruce  
  • Light blue  

You can use the shades for various purposes – from painting your walls in order to create the best accent wall to furniture or small decorative items that can bring the autumn vibe in.  


Great materials to bring the autumn vibe to your house  


All of the tendencies for this autumn have something in common – no matter if the recommendation is to change the colour of your rooms or their overall feel, there are certain materials that you should include. Some of the most common recommendations for 2018 autumn season include: 

  • Velvet – luxurious and elegant fabric that will pass to any of the leading trends and looks extremely good in navy blue, for example. 
  • Wood – the natural materials are celebrated this autumn and wood comes in different shades to bring the warmth in. 
  • Marble – this is one of the most preferred natural stones that has formed the trends for 2018 
  • Brass – this metal can be used all around the house and is perfectly combined with the other trendy materials such as wood and natural stone. 
  • Earthenware – one of the best decorations for this autumn that is included in almost all of the trendy lines.  

Choose the best idea for your autumn decoration and start implementing it now. Turn your home into a lovely retreat for this season and enjoy its colours 


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