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7 Reasons to Love Your Natural Stone Tile Floor 


When it comes to changing your floor, you have to admit that it is a major decision that can change the overall look and atmosphere in your home. Therefore, you should think carefully what is the best solution that can be both budget-friendly and of high quality.  

While browsing the autumn home décor trends for 2018 you will notice that marble is one of the materials that will be popular this season too. So, here is a good idea about your flooring. In case marble is not the right material for the style you have chosen for your home décor, you can opt for other types of natural stone tiles. 

There are many reasons while natural stone floors are loved by homeowners and designers and here are just 7 of the most important ones.  


Natural stone tiles are durable 

One of the greatest qualities of natural stone tiles is their durability. This makes them perfect for flooring that needs to withstand a lot of wear and tear. You can use natural stone tiles for absolutely every room in your house including the wet room and the entrance. In addition to that, natural stone tiles are also perfect for external projects as they can survive cold and heat. 

Different tiles have different durability as a result of their porosity or density. Granite is the most durable of all and therefore it is often preferred for floor tiles and kitchen countertops.  


Natural stone floors are easy to maintain 

One of the factors that should guide you in choosing the proper flooring for your home, should be the time you will have to spend in cleaning and maintenance. The good news is that natural stone floors are fairly easy to clean and maintain. The key is to have the tiles properly sealed once installed. You should always use a sealant that is specific for the stone you have chosen and follow strictly the instructions of the manufacturer. Resealing after the noted period is a must. 

When it comes to cleaning, make sure that you first swipe any larger debris from the floor and then use a soft wet wipe to clean it. Depending on the finishing of the tile, it may be more or less resistant to stains and spills. Color also plays a role – lighter tiles will get stained much easier. In all cases, it is a good idea to wipe a spill immediately and thus keep your natural stone in good shape longer.  


Hygiene levels of natural stone tiles are higher 

If you are a germ-freak or you simply like to maintain higher levels of hygiene, natural stone tiles are the right solution for your floors. Their surface does not store dust, pet hair or skin. In combination with the fact that cleaning and maintenance is easier, you can realize why having a natural stone floor is beneficial for your health.  


Eternal beauty and aesthetics go hand in hand with natural stone 

Natural stone is warm and inviting material that creates a special atmosphere in your home. Its eternal beauty can last a life time and never lose its trendiness.  

You can create various floor patterns and play with the size, colour and texture of natural stone tiles. Even if you use just one type of stone – slate, granite, travertine, there are many options because of the tile nuances. Just keep in mind that tiles from different batches will come in different shades, so always order a few more tiles than the number you need for your floor. Thus, you will have a few extra in case some tiles break or you need to replace them for some other reason.  


Natural stone flooring increases your property value  

One of the great advantages of natural stone tiles is that they add value to your home not only in terms of beauty and durability. A natural stone flooring can increase the resale value of your property on the market. Homebuyers are ready to pay a few thousands more for elegant and beautiful features such as an attractive natural stone flooring.  


Natural stone tiles are scratch and heat resistant  

Another great feature of natural stone floors is that they are scratch and abrasive resistant. This means that you can easily have them installed in your kitchen and fear not that a dropped pan can ruin your new floor. In addition to that, natural stone tiles are good for the living room or bed room where they can support heavy furniture without much trouble. 

Natural stone tiles are heat and cold resistant as well, which makes them a great solution for outdoor projects like patio flooring or decorating the area around the pool. An outdoor kitchen will be easy to use and maintain if built with natural stone countertops and floors.  


Natural stone lasts a lifetime 

Last but not least, natural stone floors can last a lifetime. Because of their resilience and long-lasting features, natural stone tiles have been used throughout the centuries and some of the most famous monuments are built with them – The Coliseum, Taj Mahal, the Parthenon 

Natural stone tiles are a great investment for your floor since they will last longer than any other material without losing their attractiveness and properties.  


You do not need an excuse to select only the very best for your home. Natural stone floors are not a luxury anymore, they are an integral asset of your overall décor when you want to create a comfortable place to spend your days. There is a great variety of stones to choose from depending on the style of your house or the purpose of the room. If you are in doubt, you can always get in touch with us and ask for advice.  


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