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How to Prepare Your Home for the Winter with Natural Stone Tiles

winter home stone

Winter is coming and it is a perfect excuse to refresh your home design and incorporate the colours of autumn and winter in your décor. Natural stone tiles are ideal for the job because of their versatility and ability to blend with virtually any other material.  

Natural stone use is no longer limited to bathrooms and kitchen countertops. Tiles are used for walls and floors in virtually every room of the house and different stones can be combined to create a stunning look. Natural stone is also used to top almost everything from dinner and coffee tables to customized chairs or other accessories. 

If you already have some natural stone tiles at home, you can use them as the background of your remodelling and match the other materials with them. If you haven’t welcomed this gorgeous material as of yet, it is high time to do it and thereby also increase your energy efficiency and make your home a warmer and cosier space for the winter 

Use the colours of stone 


One of the great advantages of natural stone tiles is that they come in a great variety of colours most of which perfectly match the shades of autumn and winter. So, if you haven’t used the fall to upgrade your home décor, winter is a perfect time to do it. You can choose the fabrics, leather or other materials to match the main nuance of the natural stone tile that you have select for your floors or walls. Thus, you can achieve a nice almost monochronic appeal in your room and brighten it up with a few accessories in your favourite colours that contrast with the main shade.  

Install a fireplace 

That can warm a place better than a fireplace. It will bring a lovely Christmassy atmosphere to your home and make it more welcoming. You can choose between a contemporary or traditional fireplace depending on the overall design of your place. The mantels of a traditional fireplace can be covered in natural stone tiles to enhance the cosy feeling. A contemporary fireplace will look stunning against a natural stone wall. In addition to that, you can also decorate the fireplace with some stone-made accessories that can add up to the overall feeling of the room.  

Before you install the fireplace, make sure that you have a chimney and that there are no potential problems both inside and outside. It might be a good idea to hire a professional for the job, especially if this is the first time that you are adding a fireplace to your house.  

Improve your flooring with natural stone tiles


Natural stone tiles are one of the best solutions when it comes to floors. They are a great choice for the winter too since natural stone can be installed over radiant heating and help spread the warmth evenly in the room and retain it for much longer. Some other advantages of natural stone tiles floor include its easy maintenance along with great resistance to wear and tear, scratches and stains, in most of the cases.  

There are various patterns that can be used to make the look of your floor unique. Some of the other reasons to love your natural stone floor include its durability, higher hygiene levels as well as the fact that it can significantly increase your property value.  

You can choose different stone tiles for each of the rooms so that you can give it its own signature. Marble is perfect for the living, bedroom, and bathroom for example, while granite is a great option for the kitchen and the entryway, which bear most of the wear and tear. Travertine and limestone are also suitable for the bathroom and can be an interesting addition to the living room, especially if you want to bring in some rustic charm to it.  

One of the key factors that increase the life of your natural stone floor is the proper sealing of the tiles. Always choose the right sealant for the type of the stone you have installed and follow the manufacturer instructions on how and how often to apply it. This will help you keep your floor tiles as gorgeous as they were on the first day of the installation for many years to come. 

Make sure to choose the proper finish of the tiles so that your floor is both good-looking and sage. Honed, antiqued, brushed or tumbled tiles are generally a better option for floors. Polished tiles are not recommended especially for wet premises as they tend to be quite slippery and may cause accidents.  

Insulate your home with natural stone cladding 

stone cladding

A good insulation is a guarantee for a much warmer home. You can increase your comfort and energy efficiency by taking care of your ceiling and eliminating thermal bridging and installing proper insulation. An extra layer of insulation to your attic, for example, will improve the overall condition to your house. 

Using natural stone to clad the external walls of your house can serve both beauty and energy efficiency purposes. Facades clad in natural stone act as insulation and make your place much warmer in winter. In addition to that, it makes your home stand out from the rest and reflects your own style. You can choose the stone cladding to match your patio tiles so that you can enhance the overall effect.  


The eternal beauty of natural stone and its appeal to all of your senses is the key that can turn a house into a home.  Make sure to choose the tiles that best match your desired décor. We are at your disposal, should you have any queries related to the different type of tiles and their possible usage – give us a call or browse our online store for more inspiration. 

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