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How to Refresh Your Home with Split Face Tiles

travertine split face tiles

If you want to bring character to your home décor, you need some texture! Combining different types of natural stone tiles is one of the ways to achieve that or mixing stone and wood, stone and brass or coming up with other creative combinations that best match your style. 

Another creative idea is to use split face tiles as they are a great way to add texture to almost any surface and are quite trendy. You can see split face tile decoration around various public buildings and hotels in the UK and homeowners love to include them in their interior design.  

Because of their versatile colours and forms, split face tiles can be used to recreate different styles – from contemporary to rustic, depending on the way you use them. Combined with the right accessories, these tiles can change the atmosphere at your home completely and make it more welcoming and cosier. Here are a few suggestions how you can refresh your home using split face tiles in the different rooms.  

Feature wall with a distinctive accent  

split face accent wall

Accent walls are a great way to change the appearance of any room. They are a great solution for the living room or the bedroom and can be made using various techniques – paint, wallpapers, wood, tiles, etc. But if you opt for natural stone tiles in order to make your accent wall, we suggest choosing split face tile, which will make the look even more dramatic.  

You can use natural stone cladding to decorate any of the walls in your house. The project is great even for smaller rooms or for those who prefer a minimalistic look. Split face tiles can be used to frame your TV or fireplace and become a focal point in the family room.  

Rustic-style fireplace 

rustic fireplace split face tiles

If you happen to have a fireplace at home, there is a perfect solution for how you can add some rustic charm to it. Simply clad the chimney breast with split face natural stone tiles and you will change the entire atmosphere in the room. You can choose darker cladding and combine it with lighter furniture and accent lights. You can also opt for more pastel colours like that of travertine cladding, for example.  

Spa-like bathroom décor  

split face tiles bathroom

Image source: Pinterest

An easy way to decorate your bathroom and bring that spa feeling even into the tiniest place is by adding split face tile decoration. You can combine darker cladding with aging wood countertops and matching natural stone tiles for the floor and the rest of the walls. If you opt for travertine or limestone split tiles you can recreate a Roman-like bath. For a more luxurious decision, you should choose marble split face tiles, which will add a texture to the perfect marble bathroom 

Stylish kitchen backsplash ideas 

backsplash split face tiles

Image source: Houzz

fabulous backsplash can change the whole style of your kitchen. Choosing split face natural stone tiles for a backsplash is a way to welcome the rustic atmosphere in your house. If you choose the nuances properly, the tiles can even make the room look much bigger. To complete the atmosphere, you can opt for floor tiles of the same material – limestone or travertine will be the best option for a rustic kitchen, especially if you decide on copper nuances.  

Contemporary hallway  

hallway split face tiles

If you want to make your hallway more attractive for all the visitors of your home, you can add natural stone cladding on one of the walls. If you choose darker split face tiles and combine with flooring in a neutral tone, you will achieve an amazing effect. To add up to the texture and feel of the cladding, you can also opt for specific lights that disperse light both from the bottom and the top. 

This kind of hallways and reception areas are also gaining popularity for public buildings and hotels around the UK in recent years.  

View of our split face tiles  

split face tiles

Split face tiles are strips of particular natural stone that is cut in different widths, heights, and thickness exposing the beauty of the material. They are used to create a multi-levelled surface with a staggering look. Split face tiles can be made from a variety of natural stones. Here is a list of our selection: 

The variety of natural stone split face tiles is really great and the options to use them around the house are numerous. Get inspired from our projects and select the best split face tiles for you by visiting our online store or coming to our showroom. 

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