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Creative Mosaic Projects for Your Home

natural stone mosaics

You can brighten your home with a great variety of distinctive designs that may future accent walls, mirrors, picture frames, murals, inspirational artwork, and even chalkboards. The limit in home design is the sky and you just need to fuel your imagination in order to get the best ideas into practice. 

There is one easy way to make an impressive design for any of the rooms in your house and that is mosaics. Mosaic tiles can come in many variations and shades and can be utilized for various projects all over the house. 

If you decide to choose natural stone mosaic tiles, you will get all the benefits of natural stone and mosaics combined in one. The glamour, durability and eternal beauty of natural stone come in the handy shape of mosaics and can be used both for bigger floor and wall designs or smaller decorative purposes. 

Below, you can find several creative ideas for projects with mosaic tiles and a selection of our natural stone mosaics that you can use for their implementation.  

How to use natural stone mosaics for interior projects 

internal mosaics project

Natural stone mosaic tiles can be used to change the interior of any room in the house. Even a smaller touch can create a different atmosphere. Here are a few suggestions that you can include in your next home remodeling project: 

  • A fireplace surround that can be either only around the hearth or go up to the ceiling making a kind of an accent wall around the fireplace 
  • An accent wall that can eventually turn into wall art and depict different forms, flower motifs, animals or even a mythological theme. Here you can be very creative and add other materials as well in order to get a more contemporary design. Metal or wood pieces combine well with natural stone and can be used for creating an abstract art piece for a stunning effect. 
  • A kitchen or bathroom backsplash made of natural stone mosaics can complete the charm of the room. It can be used for a rustic design in the kitchen or to soften a sleek contemporary look, while the bathroom can get a spa feeling from travertine or limestone mosaic tiles backsplashes.  
  • A floor mosaic decoration will catch the eye of your guests and will bring a scent of luxury in your home. 
  • A ceiling mosaic decoration is definitely something unique and will speak tons about your style and character.  
  • Doorways and windows lining with natural mosaic tiles is a way to accentuate the architecture of your home. You can also use it in any arches or columns that you have used to divide a bigger space.  

Best ideas for exterior mosaics 

exterior mosaic project

Mosaics are also a good addition to the exterior of your house. There are various ways that you can use mosaic tiles in your garden but not only. Here are a few more ideas to inspire you: 

  • Pool and water features. You can draw inspiration from the ancient Roman public baths and fountains for your design. Natural stone mosaics are perfect for wet spaces and you can use them to line your pool or decorate its bottom. If you have fountains or other water features in the garden, you can add a mosaic touch to them as well. 
  • Outdoor furniture that can be used on your patio or anywhere in the garden. You can use mosaic tiles to decorate benches, chairs, and tabletops thus turning them into unique pieces that only you will own. 
  • A mosaic birdhouse and/or birdbath. If you love birds, you can take care of them too using mosaic tiles. Decorate their birdhouses or birdbaths with mosaic tiles so that they match the overall feel of your house and garden.  

A fine collection of natural stone mosaics 

mosaic tiles

Here, at Natural Stone, we have selected a fine collection of mosaics that can help you change the décor of your home. You can choose between: 

The size of these beautiful mosaic tiles is 48x48 mm and they can be used both for floor and wall projects. This gorgeous Italian marble features a stunning white base background crossed by veins of gold and grey for an even more stunning effect.  

The beautiful mosaics can be ordered in two sizes – 23x23 mm and 48x48 mm. Its white colour and tumbled surface finish make the stone quite popular for kitchen and bathroom projects but it can be used around the house for other projects with the same success.  

These marble mosaic tiles are a classical material that meets contemporary design ideas. The shape of the tiles makes them a perfect choice for accent walls or kitchen backsplashes. The tile size is 48x96 mm. You can also order a mosaic sheet manufactured in Portugal, which comes in 295x295 mm size.  

These stunning Portuguese limestone mosaic tiles have a tumbled surface finish and can be used in various places around the house. One of their best applications is for wet rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen backsplashes. Thanks to their beautiful colour palette that incorporates shades of grey, beige, and blue, the mosaic tiles can create gorgeous designs. The tiles come in size of 32x32x9 mm, while you can also order a sheet with a size of 300x300 mm. 

These mosaic tiles come in the earthen tones of beige and cream and are perfect for recreating an ancient Rome atmosphere in your bathroom. The tiles can be used for floor and wall projects in any of the rooms and come in a great variety of sizes to meet your specific needs. You can choose between 23x23 mm, 23x48 mm Brick, 48x48 mm, 48x100 mm Brick, and 15 mm Broken Chips.  

The mosaic tiles in darker shades as the Taurus Nero Tumbled mosaics are perfect for a touch of luxury in any room. The combination of black and grey makes them perfect both for interior and exterior projects and the tiles come in two sizes – 23x23 mm and 48x48 mm, to allow an even broader application.  

Mosaics offer multiple options to refresh your home décor with minimum investments and efforts. Natural stone mosaic tiles are a great option to experiment with new decoration ideas and to do it with style.  


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