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5 Ways to Use Natural Stone Tiles This Spring


spring-natural-stoneThe winter is over and we are ready to welcome the spring in our hearts and homes. This is one of the best seasons for home renovations and if you are planning one, it is worth considering natural stone tiles as the main element for your project.  

Natural stone is a great accessory as it will never go out of fashion. No matter which style you prefer, natural stone can help you recreate it at home. Marble is perfect for a more luxury approach of a contemporary kitchen or living room, while limestone and travertine are definitely your choices for a rustic place. A spa-like bath decorated with marble, granite and/or travertine is also a great way to celebrate the spring and help your spirit revive. 

Natural stone tiles are durable and can take a lot of wear and tear. You can use them in any room around the house and they make perfect outdoor tiles as well. The variety of nuances and finishes of each type of stone give you endless options and put no limits to your imagination.  

If you need some ideas on how to renovate your home this spring, take a look at these 5 ways to use natural stone tiles around the house and start planning your next project.  

The perfect kitchen with natural stone 


Have you ever dreamt of a kitchen that inspires you to cook and facilitates each move you take? The solution to having it is pretty simple – it lies in selecting the right natural stone floor tiles, combining them with the best natural stone countertop, including a marble kitchen island, and the right cabinets and kitchen appliances.  

You can choose between making a completely natural stone kitchen or you can incorporate natural stone in one of the selected areas: 

  • Natural stone flooring 
  • Natural stone walls 
  • Natural stone countertop 
  • Natural stone kitchen island 
  • Natural stone backsplash 

You can also successfully use natural stone accessories like vases, candle holders and even chopping boards to make the interior of your kitchen even more interesting and welcoming.  

The good news is, that natural stone tiles easily combine with one another and with other materials such as wood, copper, brass, concrete. Thus, you have the freedom to incorporate all the materials you love in the same room.  

Natural stone accent wall for the family room 


Accent walls are a great way to bring change to a given room. There are many ways to create an accent wall and one of them is by using natural stone. Split-face tiles are one of the preferred options when it comes to decorating the wall of a family room.  

The neutral, earthen tones of split-face natural tiles make the atmosphere of the room soothing and welcoming. It turns it into the focal point of the whole house and creates a place for spending lovely moments with your family.  

You can choose to create an accent wall around the fireplace that will make the room even cozier. You can use the same natural stone as the tiles that cover the fireplace or opt for a stone with distinctive texture or nuances like black granite, for example.  

A spa-like shower with the help of natural stone tiles 


The bathroom is one of the usual places for natural stone tiles. From the eternal luxury feeling of the marble bathroom to the spa-like sense of a travertine-decorated shower area, the options are limitless.  

Travertine and limestone are some of the natural stones that decorate bathrooms since Roman times and there is a good reason for that. These stones are durable, beautiful, and easy to maintain. When combined with wooden elements, they help create a real spa centre at your home. Let your senses enjoy the deep relaxing magic of natural stones by using them in your bathroom. 

Natural stone garden walkways 


Garden landscapes are best created with the use of natural stones. We can have a great Mediterranean garden to admire in our backyard if we manage to properly combine the right plants and stones. 

Another creative way to use natural stone tiles is to simply build walkways in the garden. They can connect the patio and the pool or the main house with the outdoor kitchen. The natural stone walkways can be used to separate the garden and differentiate between areas for play, relaxation or growing plants and vegetables. In each of the cases, it is a good idea to choose tiles that can withstand harsh weather conditions such as granite or slate.  

Natural stone patio and pool decoration 


If you are lucky to have a roomy patio or a pool in your backyard, it is time to refresh them and give them a spring attire so that they are ready for the upcoming warm summer days and nights. 

Natural stone tiles are great for patio decoration as they can be well combined with the typical rattan or wooden furniture used for this area. 

The pool area is the focal point of your outdoor space and you can make it even more attractive by using high-quality natural stone tiles. Make sure that you choose durable tiles with the right surface finish to guarantee the longevity of your project.  

When using natural stone tiles for outdoor projects, do not forget to properly seal them in order to protect them from the adverse weather conditions. Use the sealant recommended by the manufacturer for each type of stones and apply it as often as recommended to have the best results. 

Natural stone tiles are an excellent solution for your spring home decoration and refreshment ideas. Regardless of the type of project, there is always the right stone to meet your requirements. Should you need some inspiration, you can have a look at our Instagram profile or simply call us for advice.   

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