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The Best Natural Stone Kitchen Tiles

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The kitchen has always been the focal point of any home. No matter if you are an ardent cook or you prefer to use your smartphone to make an order, it still matters where you will serve your food.  

Cooking can be messy and spills can cause serious problems, so it is necessary to choose the right kitchen furniture and tiling to make sure that your gorgeous design will remain the same after several years of intensive usage. 

When it comes to durable and yet beautiful tiles, no doubt natural stone is the logical choice. Natural stone brings a unique atmosphere to any room in the house and you can find natural stone inspiration for a great variety of projects.  

When it comes to the kitchen, natural stone tiles are the perfect solution for floors, walls, backsplashes, and countertops and kitchen islands. Almost any stone can fit depending on your colour or style preferences but below you can find the best suggestions for three of the most popular kitchen projects – floors, backsplash and islands/countertops.  

Natural stone tiles for your kitchen floor 

The kitchen floor should be able to survive high wear and tear while requiring minimum cleaning and maintenance. You can play with tile patterns to create a unique design that will be both attractive and functional. You can also combine two types of natural stone tiles to get the best of their nuances and texture. 

When it comes to floors, perhaps the most suitable natural stone tiles to choose from are the following: 

  • Granite 

With a great variety of colours and nuances, granite is suitable to recreate any type of design and atmosphere in your kitchen. It can be combined with sleek new cooking utensils and tools for a contemporary gourmet kitchen look, or bring in a more romantic feeling. The best is, that granite tiles are durable, resistant and do not require high maintenance. Simply make sure to clean them regularly and to reseal them as required and you will have a strong ground for your culinary experiments. 

  • Slate  

Slate flooring has gained popularity in recent years especially for bringing in the modern industrial look to the kitchen. If you choose darker shades, they will not be so prone to staining and your floor will look immaculate even after a cooking fiesta. The more earthen slate nuances can be used to recreate a rustic atmosphere, especially if combined with wooden cabinets. The natural finish of slate tiles makes them a great flooring material.  

  • Travertine 

If you like Italian-style kitchens, then travertine is your natural stone. It gives a specific look to the kitchen and is especially good for open-plan spaces. Travertine can be easily combined with other natural stones to create a stunning look. Note, that the tiles for the floor should be properly honed and sealed if you want them to last longer. A glossy finish is not recommended for flooring as it makes the tiles more slippery and not so resistant to wear and tear.  

 The best natural stone for a kitchen island or countertop 

Installing a natural stone kitchen countertop or kitchen island is a sign of good taste and can increase the price of your house manifold. Natural stone is not only durable and elegant but actually fairly easy to take care of. If properly maintained, natural stone countertops and kitchen islands may last 10-15 years and still look stunning. 

If you have to decide the best material for your next project your choice should be divided between two types of stone: granite and marble. 

  • Granite countertops and kitchen islands 

Granite is a great stone that debunks the myth that durable materials are rarely elegant. This stone combines all the desired features of a perfect kitchen countertop or island. Granite can be found in a great variety of nuances and on top of that, it is the strongest natural stone. Granite tiles and slabs withstand heat, acidic contact, and minor scratches. It is impervious to moisture which makes it the perfect cooking top.  

  • Marble countertops and kitchen islands 

Many homeowners love marble but are afraid of marble kitchen islands or countertops as they think the material will require too much maintenance to look good and is hence not practical. The truth is that if properly sealed, marble is actually quite durable and not so prone to staining and etching. There are some simple rules that you need to follow in order to have your marble countertop or island remain as stunning as it was when installed. Put mats under very cold or hot glasses and dishes and try to wipe spills as soon as possible. Marble is not so brittle and is the perfect luxury decision for a high-traffic area as the kitchen.  

Natural stone mosaics for a creative kitchen backsplash  

If you love mosaic tiles, then they can be a creative idea for a kitchen backsplash. Travertine or limestone mosaic tiles are perfect for a rustic style kitchen. They will add to the charm of the room and combine perfectly with a natural stone floor and/or countertop. You can use a simpler design or unleash your imagination and create geometrical shapes, flower motives or interesting scenes.  

Split face tiles can also be used for stunning backsplash designs. They will bring texture to the overall interior of the room and help you put an accent on the cooking area.  

Natural stone is a great solution for kitchen tiles as you have many options and possibilities of combinations. No matter if you decide to use a single stone such as granite or marble for the entire kitchen decoration or choose to combine stones and other materials, the result will be a luxurious and practical kitchen that can withstand the high traffic.  


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