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Five key steps to choosing your natural stone

Natural Stone - Marble tiles

Choosing natural stone tiles for your home is not an easy process. The investment is worth spending time on to ensure the right stone, and supplier, is selected. We've compiled our top five tips to consider when choosing your tiles...

1. Create a moodboard for your room

Whether you're employing an interior designer or designing the room from scratch, the first place to start is to create a moodboard. Pinterest is a great tool for this, get inspiration from finished rooms, decide what you do and don't want and create your vision for the room - the walls, the stone, the furniture and accessories.

2. Choose a colour, style and finish

Once you know the vision for your room - whether it's 'country farm' or 'chic boutique', it is time to make some decisions on your stone. Browse the internet to choose your colour, style and finish. Choose from limestone, slate, granite, marble and travertine - all come in different colours and textures which will help create your final look.

3. Order a sample / visit a showroom

Once you have an idea of the stone you want, start making enquiries with an experience supplier who will answer any questions you have. Visit a showroom or request a sample to see and feel the stone in the flesh. Our York showroom has all of our stones on display and we offer free samples which can be ordered online.

4. Ask the right questions

Think carefully about the room(s) you will be laying your tiles. What will the room be used for? What wear and tear will your stone experience? Think about underfloor heating for flooring and heavy equipment for worktops. Stone is very durable, but you should reassure yourself that it is fit for purpose. We get asked a lot about pets - most stones are durable enough to withstand even the most spritely of dogs!

5. Purchase the right after care products

It may be durable, but once your natural stone has been installed, it needs looking after. We recommend and supply a Professional after care cleaner that can be used with water to wash and maintain all stones.

Stay tuned for our next blog on the installation of your natural stone...

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