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Five top tips for getting your home ready for Christmas

Top tips to prepare your home for Christmas

Christmas is on the way with just over a month to go until 25th December! This time of year is all about time at home with family and friends. If, like us, you are more than a little house proud, you will currently be in the midst of preparing your home for the holiday season. To make your life easier, we have written up some top tips for getting your home ready for Christmas...

1) Start early

The sooner you can start planning, preparing and perfecting your home for the festive season, the better. Start making lists of everything you need to do before 25th December - home improvements, gift ideas, decorations, menus - this will help to structure the preparations!

2) De-clutter & spring clean

Before you start buying things for the home, decorations, gifts and, most importantly, food and drink - make room. De-clutter your home, cupboards, fridge, storage spaces and garage. The old saying 'out with the old and in with the new' is important for Christmas time, use the festive season to throw out rubbish, clear out closets and prepare for the oncoming clutter!

3) Plan your colour scheme (and budget)

Before you go out to buy home accessories and decorations, make some initial decisions on budget and colour scheme. Use websites like Pinterest to browse for inspiration and this great article from House to Home 

4) Make it a family affair

The best way to escape the stress of Christmas house preparation is to involve others. Delegate jobs to friends and family members. This will not only help lighten the load for you, but will make the whole process more enjoyable! 

5) Relax & enjoy

Christmas is a busy time and nothing is ever going to go perfectly to plan. Try not to take anything too seriously, if the tree doesn't look picture perfect or the turkey takes a little longer than expected - don't let it ruin the day and enjoy the well-deserved time out...

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