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All You Need to Know About Marble Kitchen Islands


Kitchen islands are a convenient solution that can be used even in smaller places. They differ in size and functions and can be used for various activities like cooking, eating, etc. One of the interesting ways to incorporate natural stone in your kitchen is to have your island made of it or at least its cover to be of the bespoke material. If you are looking for a stunning luxury solution then choose marble for your kitchen island and enjoy its timeless beauty and solid qualities throughout the years. 


How does the marble island combine with the rest of your kitchen?


Image source: Elle Decor

A kitchen island always has the potential to be the focal point of the room. This can be achieved in several ways – by designing it in a stunning colour or adding original cupboards or shelves under it. One of the ways to connect it with the rest of your kitchen décor is to choose matching materials such as timber for the cabinets and natural stone for the countertops. 

One of the options to consider for your kitchen island is Carrara marble – it is a great combination of bright white base and heavy grey veins, which makes it reflect and amplify the light in the room. The honed finish is a better option than the polished one since it makes the stone a bit more rich and deep in colour without too much shine.  

The marble top of your kitchen island also combines well with other natural stones. You can choose travertine tiles for your floor or backsplash and it will be a perfect match, especially if you opt for stones that look alike. 


Why you shouldn't be afraid of marble kitchen islands 


Image source: Elle Decor

If you are renovating your kitchen marble countertops and marble island should not remain outside your focus if you are considering a luxury-looking solution for a high-traffic area. Don't be afraid of staining and etching because once you start using your marble surfaces you will find out that they are not as delicate as they seem. 

One of the first things to do, after the marble enters your kitchen, however, is to seal it. Unsealed the stone stains much easier and it is hard to remove the traces of coloured spices or rusty pans. Once your marble island is properly sealed the trick to keep it in good condition is to use mats under glasses and cups and covers under hot or very cold pans and dishes. Make sure to wipe any spills as soon as possible but know that red wine and coffee are not such a scary monster as they will come off pretty easy even if they have rested on the marble for a while. 

One of the easiest ways to remove small stains from marble surface is to make a poultice by combining baking soda and water. Mix it well to form a paste and apply it to the stain. Leave it over it for several hours, preferably overnight and then clean it. 

Keep in mind, though, that acids will damage the stone. Even lemons and limes should be cut on a bigger board to avoid any splashes on the marble.  


Simple decoration tricks for marble kitchen islands  


Image source: Elle Decor

Even though the marble kitchen island can be a masterpiece in its own, it is always good if you can think of some simple decoration that can underline its beauty. Here are a few suggestions that can sparkle your interest: 

  • Use typical table decoration 

The simplest way to decorate your marble island is by using typical table decoration such as vases or tops with flowers, candles or bread bowls or trays full of fruits, vegetables or seasonal items. You can pick some blossoming branches in the spring and put them in your favourite flower-holder. They will make you lift your eyes up and contemplate the entire beauty of the kitchen. Pumpkins and coloured leaves are an excellent decoration both for Halloween and for autumn as a whole, while silver, black and white mix of candles and ornaments will welcome the Christmas spirit in your kitchen.  

Since marble is a stunning natural stone in its own the minimalistic approach in the case is the better solution.  

  • Play with the island's form and colour 

If you want a unique piece in your kitchen then go for a custom-made kitchen island that includes the three C's: colour, contrast and curves. The island is an excellent option for adding colour to an all-white kitchen. You can choose something bold as red for example and pair it with some other small accessories around the room. If you add some cabinets to the island that are painted in a colour contrasting the perimeter cabinets this will only add interest to the room. As far as curves are concerned, opting for a form different that the usual rectangle is always a smart decision. 

An interesting idea to differentiate your kitchen island is if you divide it in half and form a table-height corner, where you can use normal chairs and have a lovely meal with your family or friends. A variation will be to attach a timber dining table to the marble island. We all know that the natural stone and wood are always a successful combination and a sign of good taste.  

Another good move is to dress your kitchen island with decorative legs at the corners. They can be used as the connecting point to the rest of the kitchen décor.  

If you are planning to add a kitchen island by all means consider incorporating a lot of storage place in it. You can use some open space to displace your favourite serveware or cooking books, while the closed doors of the built-in cabinets can hold as much objects out of sight as needed. A built-in wine rack is also an interesting addition to your marble island.  

  • Focus on the space above the islands 

The overall décor of the kitchen can match, compliment or contrast the marble island. One of the places that you can use in order to turn the kitchen island into the focal point of the room is the area above it. If you have a small kitchen, for example, opt for a white chandelier instead of couple of pendants over the island. Thus, both the island and the entire room will look brighter and more spacious. Another great idea is to design an arch over the island or simply place it under it, if you already have one. This solution will give a kind of Renaissance look to your kitchen.  

In conclusion, we can say that the marble island is a great solution that adds both beauty and functionality to any kitchen and is totally worth the investment. 

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