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How to Use Marble Outdoors


Image source: Stonemarket

Marble is one of those stones that can bring charm and character to any space and the outdoor area is no exception. While you can browse through various smart ideas for outdoor patios and their decoration one of the main features remains the flooring. Choosing marble for it will give your yard an unparalleled luxurious appearance and you need to make sure that it will remain so throughout time. There are two main things to keep in mind if you want to achieve it – which are the right tiles for your project and how to take good care of your stone.  


Choosing the right marble tiles 


When you are looking for the best marble tiles for your outdoor project, you need to choose them not only by the look but also according to their qualities. What is suitable for your kitchen countertop is not necessary the best for your patio floor.  

Polished marble tiles are not the best option for outdoor usage since the polish easily wears off as a result of the weather conditions. Besides stones with such a finish get quite slippery when wet and pose a hazard, especially to young children and elderly people.  

Another aspect that you need to consider is the size of the tiles. The bigger the tile, the more spacious the area will appear. With smaller ones, on the other hand, you can play with how you arrange them or create some form of a mosaic art that will bring a specific atmosphere to your garden. 

Going for the right tile pattern is also of a great importance for the overall look you need to give to the area.   

An idea: Marble tiles are also suitable for outdoor accent walls, so keep this in mind when planning the decoration of your outdoor space. 


Care and maintenance 


Sunshine, rain, dust and wind will inevitably affect the surface of your marble tiles and make them look less attractive. Therefore, regular care and maintenance are necessary to fight the effects of weather and wear and tear.  

Marble is a naturally soft stone and therefore you need to take special care when cleaning it. Use natural stone cleaners for dirt and grime that can clean even the dirtiest outdoor tiles without damaging the surface of the stone. Dust mop the marble floor regularly and clean any stain or spill as soon as possible. If you want to remove an older stain you can mix baking soda and water until it forms a paste. Gently rub the stains until they are removed. Never use abrasives, vinegar, ammonia or citrus cleaners on marble as you will ruin it.  

Ask at the shop what is the best sealant for outdoor marble and how often do you need to apply it. Keep in mind that marble needs to breathe so you do not have to seal the tiles from each side.  


Marble furniture –  timeless beauty or a pricey investment? 


Image source: Livingroc

One of the many possibilities to use marble in your garden or patio is to opt for outdoor marble furniture. You can find a great variety of coffee or bistro marble tables on the market that can fit even on a balcony. There are benches and other sitting options that look like a piece of art and will create a specific atmosphere in any outdoor area. 

No doubt the marble furniture is a timeless beauty that is also a pricy but worthy investment. In order to help the stone keep its initial look you need to properly care for it and maintain it regularly. 

Contrary to all believes not all marble needs to be sealed so make sure to ask the retailer about that. If you need to seal it, make sure to do so only with the upper surface and leave the rest of the stone unsealed so that it can breathe. Marble has the natural abilities to resist harsh weather conditions and it can be damaged only if water gets trapped inside. In freezing conditions this will result in cracks. Sun, rain and wind will wear and tear the marble surface of your furniture. If you have a table with a polished marble top you can expect the polish to wear with time and reveal the natural appearance of the stone. The colours will be less vibrant but then the piece of furniture will have more character. It is, of course, possible to polish it again. The process is similar to sanding wood as you need friction and abrasion with machines or hand tools to achieve the shiny look. It requires some more skills and experience, however, so we strongly recommend the services of a professional. Once the surface is polished you may want to cover the table when not used in order to protect it. 

Something important that you need to keep in mind when using marble furniture, regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors, is that marble stains easily and even a glass of water will leave a visible circle. Therefore, you need to use coasters under glasses and cups and never put anything too hot or cold directly on the stone surface. Here the polish helps a lot since it makes the surface less porous and absorbent.  


In conclusion it is fair to say that marble is a suitable option for outdoor flooring or decoration as long as you go for the exterior tile version. It may not be as resistant as granite but can definitely withstand harsh weather conditions 

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