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Best Ways to Use Marble in Your Home Décor



Marble is a timeless classic that is celebrating its come back as internal designer's favourite. With its multiple shades and prominent veins, it brings beauty and luxury to any room it decorates. No doubt, marble is on the expensive side of the spectrum of natural stones, however its qualities definitely exceed its price. 

There are different types of marble and Carrara Marble is one of the most beloved ones because it can be used for anything from creating a timeless masterpiece (e.g. David by Michelangelo) to complimenting the décor of any room in the house and outdoors.  

Another distinctive feature of marble is that it can be easily combined with other natural stones or other natural materials such as wood, fabrics, linen to create a homey atmosphere.  

If you are in love with this prestigious stone, below you will find a list of the best ways to incorporate marble in your décor and make it the focal point of your home.  


Marble in the bathroom 


Image source: Natural Stone

Marble bathrooms are the pinnacle of luxury and beauty. There are several ways in which you can incorporate your beloved stone in the bathroom:  

  • The entire bath – you can choose one and the same shade for all bathroom elements made of stone and add colour by means of accessories like towels, mirrors or other vanities. The other option is to combine different nuances of marble for a more distinctive look;  
  • Walls and floors – you can choose marble only for decorating either your floor or walls and opt for another natural stone to complete the look; 
  • Bathtub and sinks – bespoke items made of marble such as bathtubs or sinks are a unique element that can turn an ordinary bathroom into a spa retreat;  
  • Accessories – towel holders, soap or lotion dispensers made of marble are a luxury accessory that can transform any bathroom. Add a beautiful orchid in matching colours and you will have a celebrity bathroom 


Marble in the kitchen 


Image source: Natural Stone

Kitchen is the other room that offers multiple options for utilizing marble. Here are the main ones: 

  • Backsplash – a marble backsplash in any pattern can become the main accent even of the most ordinary kitchen and change the overall atmosphere;  
  • Kitchen island – a marble kitchen island will easily become the focal point in the room and attract the eyes of all your friends and guests;  
  • Counter tops – marble is the second-best material for kitchen tops after granite. The original features of this stone allow it to either blend with the overall décor or to stand out;  
  • Floors – a marble kitchen floor made of honed tiles is both beautiful and practical. Marble is easy to maintain and can resist the high traffic of the area;  
  • Furniture – a marble dining table will make your kitchen look like a master's manor from the mid-century and will speak tones of your personality and taste;  
  • Kitchen accessories – nowadays you can buy anything made of marble – from plates, trays and bowls to marble-coated tissue boxes. Choose your accessories wisely so that they complement your overall décor and don't contradict it.  


Marble in the master bedroom 


Image source: Homedit

Strange as it may sound, the master bedroom is yet another place to use marble tiles and accessories. The three main options are the following: 

  • Floors – choose a specific shade of the marble tiles that will express your individuality – green, grey or black are just some examples;  
  • Accent wall – turn your wall into a stunning headboard using marble tiles. As this masterpiece will be the accent wall in the room, there is no need to think of other decorative accessories; 
  • Accessories – add a couple of lamps with marble bases or a small coffee table beside your bed and enjoy the beauty this gorgeous stone brings.  


Marble in the living room 

marble-living room

Image source: Natural Stone

The living room is often the space where you spend much of your time at home with your family and friends. Therefore, it deserves a few luxury touches and marble is the right material for that. Here is how to incorporate it: 


  • Columns to define the space – if you live in a large open-space home you need something to define the different areas. You can do this by installing marble columns who will divide the space and add value to the overall atmosphere in the house;  
  • Floors or walls – it is possible to decorate both the floor and the walls of the living room with marble tiles, however the experts advise to choose one or the other for a better effect;  
  • Accent wall – an accent wall made of marble tiles behind your comfortable sofa or around the fireplace will easily gather the focus of the room;  
  • Furniture – marble furniture stuns with its elegancy and clear lines. No matter if you would choose a large dining table or a small side table combining marble and wood or glass, these classy solutions will definitely transform the look of your living room; 
  • Accessories – a couple of candle holders, a large vase or a book shelve made of marble are a superb addition to any living room.  


Other suggestions for marble tiles 


Image source: Natural Stone

Marble tiles are also excellent solutions for the entryway, since they can withstand high traffic and a lot of wear and tear. Outdoor marble tiles, on the other hand, are suitable for decorating patios and porches and covering the alleys in the garden. 

We have already listed the advantages of marble furniture as accent home decoration, however, it is also a great option for outdoors since marble is heavy and durable and won't be damaged by harsh weather conditions.  

Your outdoor fireplace can be clad in marble and many of the elements of your outdoor kitchen can also be made of marble, such as – counter tops, kitchen island or even your dinnerware.  


The overall conclusion is that marble is such a universal stone that it can fit anywhere even in such amazing creations like eye glasses. Choose your marble accent and go for it.  

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