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Hotel Bathroom Solutions with Natural Stone



Hotel rooms can serve as excellent inspiration for home makeover and decoration. These memorable places are usually designed in a way that combines elegance, luxury and comfort in a restricted space.  

The hotel bathroom, especially, has undergone significant transformation and improvement. It used to be a plain, white space where you just wash and leave. Now, the hotel bathroom is a kind of a spa retreat that offers stylish comfort and is a touch more decorated than a home bathroom. Some features of these memorable spaces, however, are worth being copied in a home bath. They will allow you enjoy the calming effects of the natural materials and elegant vanities and forget your busy life outside. 

Here are a few examples of design trends that marked hotel bathrooms throughout 2017 and that you can apply at home too. 


Natural and organic materials 


According to interior designers the trendy bathrooms in 2017 are dressed in organic and natural materials and sport geometric shapes. There is a great variety of natural stone tile patterns that you can choose from in order to recreate this fashionable look at your home. The diverse beauty of natural stones is stunning and comes in many forms and shades: from the affordable yet luxury silver honed and filled travertine to the exclusive Carrara Marble 


Green solutions   


Thinking green is also trendy this year in line with the shift towards organic and natural materials. In many hotels now, you can see live plants decorating the bathrooms adding a beautiful touch to the superior décor. You can easily steal the idea for your own bathroom. Orchids, for example, are a sophisticated accent that matches perfectly the exclusivity of natural stone tiles.  


Darker colours 


The simple, dark colours are epitome of luxury and relaxation. You can choose darker natural stone tiles for your bathroom and follow the style for 2017. Besides, grey and black represent cleanliness, minimalism and leisure. These colours also combine well with the following typical feature of the gorgeous hotel bathrooms (and not only).  


Brass elements 


The classic hues of gold and rust, typical for the 1970s, had a major return in 2017. You can see brass colours, metal accents and fixtures decorating fashionable and irresistible hotel bathrooms. Take the atmosphere home with you by combining brass elements with marble tiles for a greater effect.  


Odd features  


If your bathroom has some peculiar features that look odd or inappropriate do not ignore or mask them. Try to turn the defect into an effect. An awkward pipe running along the entire wall may not seem to attractive but by turning it into a focal point you can do the trick. Choose nude or even white for the wall while the pipe can be turned into a shiny piece of copper that stands out. Add a few matching accessories and turn the bathroom into a Renaissance or rustic retreat.  


A hotel project with natural stone 

Here is an example of simple and stylish bathroom solutions for one of our clients – The Chester Grosvenor. Our bespoke items match the title of the place as a "bespoke" hotel and we take pride that our high-quality natural stone is part of the luxurious experience any guest lives in this pearl of a building.  

Our team did 72 bathrooms in this particular hotel, including one that Lady Diana Spencer stayed in. The material used is Emperador Dark Marble but you can opt for Emperador Light Marble as well.  

You can easy recreate this serene atmosphere in your home bathroom by using the same or similar natural stone tiles. Our friendly team will be at your disposal both in our showroom and via mail or phone if you have any further questions. 

Now enjoy the look! 












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