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Fancy Marble Touches for Each Room


Marble has established its position as a beloved stone for architecture and arts throughout the centuries and there is a good reason why this is so. It is smooth, shiny, appealing and each piece has its unique charm. On top of that, marble is a very durable natural stone and it survives decades without losing its luster and can face centuries of exploitation 

Some of the most popular colours associated with marble are white, as the symbolic Carrara marble, cream and grey with its gorgeous veins running through each piece. Interesting to know, however, is that marble comes in a great variety of shades, covering the entire spectrum. So, you can choose from black, pink, green or combine the tiles in order to recreate some of the old-world charm or express your personal vision. 

Marble is a symbol of taste and charm and can change the atmosphere of any room completely.  Here is an idea how to use marble tiles and marble accessories, such as trays, lamps, bowls or tables, in each room.  


Marble touches in the bathroom 


The marble bathroom is no doubt the ultimate symbol of style and spa-like feeling that you can recreate using this natural stone. There are many options for decorating your bathroom with marble and below are the main ones: 

  • A complete marble bathroom – this means that both your floor and walls are covered with marble tiles. You can play with different nuances or patterns and combine it with accessories of metal, brass or wood for a more stunning effect. A marble bathtub and bespoke sinks and vanity tops will complete the look; 
  • Marble floor – this is one of the most common uses of marble tiles in the bathroom. Choose the colour and pattern carefully in accordance with the size of the room so that they complement it. Do not choose polished marble tiles for the bathroom floor as it gets too slippery when wet; 
  • Marble walls – if you want to make your bathroom memorable and distinctive, opt for marble tiles for your walls. You can combine two similar or quite distinctive shades for a more dramatic effect. Another good idea is to use limestone or travertine tiles to mix with the marble ones; 
  • Marble bathtub – this luxurious decision is definitely something that you need to consider if you want to pamper yourself. It can be perfectly combined with a bespoke sink and/or vanity top' 
  • Marble accessories – if you want to welcome marble in your bathroom but you need to stick to a tighter budget, then you can opt for marble accessories, such as soap dispensers or towel holders. 


Marble touches in the kitchen 


Kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that is highly used and deserves to have a pleasing décor. Here are several ideas how to use marble in it except the standard marble floor and walls: 

  • Marble backsplash – this is a great focal point for the kitchen, especially if you choose a colour that stands out from the overall décor; 
  • Marble island – the marble kitchen island is an excellent way to incorporate the natural stone in your kitchen. You can be quite innovative and choose different shape, size and additional functions for your marble island; 
  • Marble kitchenware and utensils – imagine the smile of your friends and family when you invite them to wine-tasting and serve cheese that they can cut with marble cheese knives. This would feel like a million-dollar cocktail. Or use some marble bowls to display your fresh produce from the garden. There are many kitchen accessories made of marble that you can introduce to your kitchen in order to make it more attractive; 


Marble touches in the living room 


The living room is used by the entire family and therefore it is important to make it as cozy and welcoming as possible. Marble can come handy in this case as well. Here are a few smart suggestions: 

  • A marble accent wall – instead of covering all your walls with marble tiles, choose just one that will be the focal point of your room. Depending on the colour you opt for, it will add specific style and charm; 
  • A marble fireplace – use marble tiles to decorate your fireplace. Though, this might not be the most popular option for tiling a fireplace, it definitely has its specific beauty and will add glamour to the living room' 
  • Marble columns – if you have a particularly large living room, marble columns can be an excellent way to separate it into different areas; 
  • Marble furniture – marble tables or chairs are getting popularity in the past few years. They are distinctive and durable at the same time. There is also the option to take your favourite dinning or coffee table and simply cover it with a bespoke marble slab in order to create a unique piece of furniture only for your home; 
  • Marble accessories – a lamp with a marble stand or a marble book separator are also amazing touches for your living room that will reveal your personal preferences. 


Marble touches in the bedroom 


Bedroom is one of the rooms, which is not so highly associated with marble tiles or accessories. This tendency has been changing as of lately and it turns out that the marble floor is a stellar solution for the master bedroom. It is easy to maintain and clean and can withstand wear and tear, so you can move furniture around without having to worry too much. Here are three other options for using marble in the bedroom: 

  • Marble headboard – if you install several marble tiles above your bed as a headboard you will win the jackpot. It looks sleek, modern and serves several functions. It can be perceived both as artwork and accent wall as well; 
  • Marble coffee table – placing a small marble-top coffee table next to your bed will make the room look even more romantic; 
  • Marble accessories – a marble-based lamp, chandeliers or vases are the perfect finishing touches of the modern bedroom that urges you to lay down and relax after a long day at work.  

All in all, marble is a great stone that has so many uses that we cannot possibly list them. Investing in marble tiles or accessories is one of the best ways to spend your money, knowing that this timeless classic will serve you for years to come.  

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