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The Secret to a Million-Dollar-Home Look: Marble and Some Other Touches


We all wish to be living in a house that looks like a million bucks without necessarily spending all that money on decoration. If you are planning some remodeling or repairs at home, you should think well in advance how to upgrade each room so that it can give an upscale look to your entire home. 

Just one or two upgrades can give your home an upscale, rich look even when you're on a budget. There are certain materials and finishing touches that speak of luxury without being insanely expensive. 

One of the solutions to achieve that million-dollar look is marble. Even though it is not exactly inexpensive, this natural stone has the unique abilities to change the overall look of any area. No matter if you opt for an entirely marble bathroom or choose just a few marble accessories, the results will be amazing.  


How to incorporate marble in your décor? 


We all agree that marble with its veined beauty and endless variety of nuances and shades is the epitome of opulence and timeless classic. There are many ways to include it in your home decoration and combine it with other natural materials or chic metals (like brass or iron) and here are a few suggestions: 

  • Marble floors 

Selecting marble tiles for your floor is a gorgeous solution for any of the rooms in your house. They fit perfectly in wet premises like the bathroom, high-traffic areas like the entryway and the kitchen and family places meant for fun and relax like the living room and the bedroom. Easy to keep and maintain, the marble floor will last decades and is definitely worth the investment. Besides it looks amazing with a rug thrown over it or combined with wood or other natural stone tiles. 

  • Marble walls 

Marble tiles are perfect for walls as they can help create specific atmosphere in each area. You can choose to cover the entire room with them or pick up a certain wall and turn it into a focal point. A marble accent wall looks particularly stunning as a headboard in the bedroom. A marble backsplash in the kitchen is also a creative way to incorporate the stone in your home. 

  • Marble columns 

Columns made of marble are reminiscent of old times and bring a specific mood of wealth and glamour. You can use them to define a bigger room into specific areas, for example, separating the kitchen from the dining area, etc. It is a good idea to go for columns that have straight edges and only a few decorative touches. If you want some variety in your design you should consider building a half-wall with columns. Opting for darker marble nuances is also a different way to break the traditional décor concepts.  

  • Marble furniture 

Sometimes, less is more and in this aspect adding just a piece of furniture made of marble may be sufficient to bring that luster to the room. A small coffee table beside your bed will make you smile every morning while you are sipping your favourite hot drink. Besides, marble furniture is also an excellent solution for the decoration of your outdoor kitchen, patio or garden. 

  • Marble accessories 

Last but not least in our list come the marble accessories. From lamps and candelabra to marble cutting boards, the accessories made of this natural stone can be the focus in each specific room. Soap holders and shampoo dispensers will add classes to your bathroom. For a trendier look, you can even opt for marble glasses or marble casing for your smartphone.  


Million-dollar look on a budget 


In addition to the numerous marble options that can turn your house into a million-dollar home, there are also a few other accessories that you need to consider.  

  • Add flowers 

Flowers, in any form, have the ability to brighten up any room. In a bouquet in a beautiful vase or planted in an extravagant top, they easily catch the eye and lighten the mood. If you want a posh look in your bathroom or living room, we suggest orchids. The variety of types and colours is endless and they are surely a perfect fit for a posh décor.  

  • Choose art 

An art masterpiece easily becomes the focal point in a living room, and not only. It is not necessary to opt for an expensive painting belonging to a famous artist. Choose the piece of art with taste and combine it carefully with the overall look of the room so that it won't look like stolen from the art gallery. Framing your kids pictures and hanging them on the wall is also an interesting way to create an accent wall that will add value to the area.  

  • Invest in antiques 

Buying an antique piece of furniture is also a way to change the atmosphere of a room completely. An old oversized leather chair, for example, brings the ultimate rustic charm to any family room. A shelve of old books, glasses or wine bottles is also a symbol of the refined taste of the homeowners. 

  • Dim the lights 

If you want any of your rooms to look more attractive and luxurious, then you need to dim the lights. This makes the overall area cozy and a bit mystique. For a more stylish look, you can also upgrade the light fixtures with burnished metal or iced glass. In order to save money, you can buy the ready fixtures from the shop and install them by yourself.  

  • Decorate with fancy fabrics 

Adding some heavy curtains or throw pillows can create a stylish atmosphere in a living room or bedroom. Using satin or other luxurious trims for decoration will only enhance the feeling of luxury. Unique handmade rugs or faux fur on the floors is another way to make a statement. Choose thick posh-looking towels for your bathroom in order to make it look like a spa retreat. That will have an amazing effect especially if combined with marble tiles or accessories.  

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall 

Adding a mirror to the room will make it look bigger, brighter and upscale. Depending on the overall style of your home you can opt for modern sleek designs or choose several antiqued frames, paint them white, hang a mirror in them and display them on a single wall.  


We hope that these ideas have inspired you to turn your house into the million-bucks home you have always longed for. Just remember that the gorgeous posh look doesn't have to come at a high price. So, here is a tip to follow: always look for bargains and clearances, especially when it comes to expensive items, such as Carrara marble or other materials that you will need for your remodeling.  

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