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The Marble Floor: A Stellar Solution for Your Bedroom


If you are building a new home or redecorating your existing one, the main question that you need to solve is what flooring option to choose. If you want more diversity, you can opt for different material in each room or go for natural stone tiles for the entire house but mix the various types.  

One of the stones that you need to include in your project by all means is marble. This beauty is excellent for the bathroom, the kitchen or the hallway but it has another great usage – in the bedroom. When you are decorating the bedroom, you want to create a relaxing and peaceful area, where you can rest and have fun. One of the typical flooring options for this room is wood and it has its numerous merits, however, if you want to add glamour to the overall décor you need to install marble tiles 

Unlike ceramic or other tiles, marble floor tiles are the epitome of luxury and opulence. It will bring that special atmosphere to your bedroom and turn it into your personal retreat. The great variety of shades and finishes between you can choose make it perfect for any taste. In addition to that, marble floors are durable, relatively easy to maintain and age well in time. The price might be on the expensive end, however it is worth paying it, since marble will serve you for many years to come.  

Here are a few facts that will convince you that marble is indeed the stellar solution for your dream bedroom.  


Marble floor tile qualities 

Marble has unique qualities that make it a perfect choice for tiling your bedroom floor. Some of the most important to consider are: 

  • Durability 

Marble is a strong natural stone that can withstand harsh weather conditions as well as significant external pressure. This means that the floor of your bedroom can easily bear the weight of a heavy double bed or ceiling-high wardrobes full of staff.  

  • Amazing variety of colours 

Marble comes in a great variety of colours – from amazing shiny white, through cream, beige and green to deep rich black. It combines well with any colour theme and suits different styles.  

  • Great design options 

Due to its unique veins, marble tiles form exquisite designs when laid down. There is a variety of tile patterns that you can choose from depending on the size of your bedroom and the size and colour of the tiles you have selected. 

  • Heat resistant 

Marble is heat resistant, which makes it the perfect flooring option especially for homes located in warmer climate.  

  • Easy to maintain 

If you take proper care of your marble floor it will pay back with longevity. Maintaining this natural stone is not difficult but requires regular care. Frequent sweeping will remove surface dust and prevent the accumulation of debris that can scratch the tiles. Avoid vacuum cleaners as they may harm the surface. All you need to keep your marble shiny is a mop and lukewarm water or a mild dishwasher detergent or special marble detergent 

When properly sealed, marble is also scratch resistant. This means that you can wear stilettos or move furniture around without worrying that you can damage the floor. 

  • Allergen free 

As all other natural stones, marble is also the best solution for people with allergies. Unlike wood or carpets, it accumulates no mold or dust and is great for your health.  

  • Won't lose luster 

Marble will retain its luster with the ages. A proof of that are the numerous buildings from ancient times that still stand. A perfect example is Taj Mahal, which is made entirely of white marble. Even though it was built in the period 1632-1653 it still looks marvelous and keeps attracting millions of tourists each year.  


Exclusive combination with marble accessories  

If you want to add a few more touches to your marble-floored bedroom, you can shop around for some more marble or faux-marble accessories. There are great cushions made of marble-patterned textile that will match perfectly your floor. You can of course, opt for marble night table, marble candelabra or night lamps. This timeless natural stone will add shine to your bedroom, no matter in what form you introduce it.  


Perfect match with other materials 

Marble is a gorgeous stone that matches perfectly with a great variety of materials. Marble and wood are one of the eternal combinations for any room in the house and are extremely suitable pair for the bedroom. It also works well with metal and any other natural stone. 


How to install marble floor tiles 

Laying marble floor tiles is a bit different than laying ceramic tiles and requires patience and attention to detail. If you follow the practical advice on how to do it, there is a great chance that it will be your most amazing DIY job. 

If you have no experience whatsoever with tiles, then it will be better to leave the work to the professionals. An expert worker will not only do the job twice as fast but can also give you some advice on the design or pattern that you have chosen and thus make your project even better. 


The overall conclusion is that the marble floor is a great solution if you are looking a way to make your bedroom exquisite. This natural stone has all the properties and qualities to turn an ordinary room into a parlour 

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