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How to Choose the Best Natural Stone Tiles for the Pool Area This Summer


In the summer time we love spending time outdoors and having a pool in your yard is a real blessing in the hot days. One of the dilemmas you might be faced with is how to determine the best tiles for the area around your pool.  

In order to choose the best outdoor tiles, you need to take into account several elements. There are factors that determine, which tiles are suitable for outdoor usage and below we will have a look at those that concern the pool area. 

It is fair to say that there are several options for decorating the pool area and it depends on your overall design and preferences which one you will choose from. The natural stone tiles are generally one of the most preferred, however there are a few more suggestions that you can opt for. Get inspired by the ideas below and decorate your pool are so that it becomes your perfect place for relaxing outdoors this summer.  


Key factors when selecting pool tiles 


When you select the best outdoor tiles to go around your pool, you need to consider a few factors that can make a great difference for the overall quality of the project. Here is a list of the main ones that you need to think of: 

  • Durability 

Given the fact that the tiles will be laid outside, you need to opt for such that will be able to withstand the adverse conditions. Not to mention that tiles in the pool area will be subject to salt, chlorine and other chemicals used for the water. We are also expecting the area to be quite busy, so they need to survive the high traffic as well. 

  • Tile finish 

The tiles near the pool will get slippery because of the water and hence choosing the right surface finish is of great importance. Riven, tumbled, antiqued, sewn are finishes that are suitable for the pool area. Honed will also do but steer clear from a polished stone even if you like the look of it.  

  • Heat and light absorption 

When selecting the tiles take into account their heat and light absorption qualities as well. It is normal that the tiles will get warm as a result of the sun, however certain types will get scorching hot while others will be pleasant to step on. Check also if the tiles can reflect the light in order to avoid being blinded by the reflection in your pool area. 

  • Tile sealing 

As the tiles will be outdoors, it is important to use the right sealer for them. If you have opted for natural stone tiles around your pool, choose a sealer that is specific for the given stone and apply it in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.  

  • Appearance 

Last but not least the overall look of the area is also very important. Make sure to choose tiles that do have the above-listed qualities but are also pleasant to the eye. It is much recommended to choose tiles that are in the same style as the overall design of your house and garden. You can also select them to complement the rest of the facilities outdoors (if any) or your plants and landscape.  


The best natural stone options for the pool area 


When thinking about the best pavers for your pool area, you should consider natural stone tiles as your first choice. These tiles offer a great variety in terms of type of stone, size, colour and overall appearance. They have the right qualities for the purpose. Almost all of the natural stones can be used around the pool but the best selection includes: 

  • Travertine 

Travertine is a durable stone that is often associated with bathing areas and pools. Its warm colours are very suitable for creating tranquil atmosphere around the pool area.  

  • Limestone 

Limestone is very popular for the pool area since it comes in many colourstextures and tile finishes. If you want a touch of sophistication and a reminiscence of an old look, then limestone is the right material for you.  

  • Granite  

Granite is one of the most durable and reliable natural stones available on the market. Its grey nuances match well both contemporary and traditional designs and bring elegance to your outdoor area.  


Other pool tile options  


In addition to natural stone tiles, there are also several other options that are suitable for the pool area. If you want to be trendy this summer you can choose between: 

  • Concrete pool pavers 

Concrete is strong and durable material, which can be both smooth or textured. Concrete pavers are suitable for the pool area as they are salt resistant. In addition to that, you can choose between a great range of colours and styles.  

  • Brick pool pavers  

Even though brick pavers are not a very common choice for the pool they can actually give a specific atmosphere to the area. Besides, brick pavers are quite a good option in terms of salt and slip resistance. One of their greatest advantages is that they don’t fade or crack as a result of the direct sunlight. 

  • Stone-like or concrete-look porcelain tiles 

If you are not comfortable using natural stone tiles or concrete you can opt for porcelain tiles that resemble their look. Thus, you will be able to choose between a great variety of tiles with long-lasting qualities and great functionality.  

Remember that choosing the right tiles for your pool area depends primarily on your taste and budget. As this is not an area that you will be willing to renovate all too often, choose wisely and opt for a material, which might be slightly expensive but of proven quality.  

If you have decided on the natural stone tiles that you would like to use for your pool area or you are still wondering what is the most suitable type for you, simply give us a call or visit our showroom 

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