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Great Ideas for Your Bathroom Renovation


For those who are planning to renovate their bathroom, we have several great suggestions that can make the place unique. Some of them are a bit unusual such as the wooden floors, while others have been used for centuries, like the natural stone tiles, but all of them bring beauty to the bathroom. If you want to boost with an interesting design, you can draw some inspiration from the suggestions below.  


Play with colours 


One of the easiest ways to redecorate your bathroom is to play with the colours you use. You have the freedom to change the colour of your walls, tiles or accessories so that you can achieve the desired effect. Some of the ideas that are quite trendy now include: 

  • Dark statement walls 

A dark accent wall will add a mysterious and intimate atmosphere to any room and the bathroom is no exception. You can pain one of the walls in black or in any other favourite dark colour in order to achieve this stunning effect. You can also use dark tiles for your feature wall. 

  • Combine red and black 

One of the great ways to make your bathroom look dramatic is to combine two powerful colours such as red and black. You can choose to do it by using accessories, towels, accent sinks or play with the tiles you use. As a result, your bathroom will look classic and sexy. 

  • White on white 

The white bathroom is a sleek solution for any contemporary home. Combine white tiles with white sinks, bathtub and accessories to achieve a stunning decluttered design.  

  • Grey and black 

If you want a statement bathroom, the solution is to combine grey and black colours. This will add texture and depth to the room. You can play with the nuances of the tiles or you can add black sinks to a grey bathroom as accents.  

  • Pink and grey 

Grey is quite a modern colour but if you want to neutralize it a bit use shades of pink here and there. This will make the bathroom look a little girly and sweet.  



Choose natural stone walls 


Natural stone is one of the best materials to choose for your bathroom. Marble is one of the most preferred stones as it is beautiful, long-lasting and the epitome of luxury. Limestone and travertine are the other two popular stones for decorating the bathroom. Here are some suggestions how to use them. 

  • Choose a subway pattern 

Natural stone tiles can be arranged in a great variety of patterns but the subway is one of popular ones when it comes to bathroom walls. Select your favourite natural stone tiles and arrange them following the pattern. The subway tiles will bring a vintage vibe to your bathroom.  

  • Hexagon tiles as an accent 

If you opt for hexagon tiles for your wall, you will give certain character to your bathroom. The pattern allows you to recreate both classic and contemporary styles depending on the natural stone that you will choose for your tiles. 

  • Combine stone and glass 

For a modern solution of your bathroom, you can combine natural stone tiles with glass. You will get clean and minimalistic design.  

  • Monochrome walls 

In case colourful and playful patterns are not according to your taste, we suggest that you opt for monochrome walls for your bathroom. You can use the texture of the natural stone tiles and the combination of different stones in order to achieve a soothing design with stunning effect.  



Variety of bathtubs  


Your bathtub can be the focal point of your bathroom. If you want to run away from the traditional style, you can install one of these unusual bathtubs: 

  • Shower tub 

If you cannot decide whether you want to take a shower or soak in the bathtub, we have the perfect solution for you – a shower tub. Enjoy both in one go. 

  • Sunken tub 

If you want a luxurious solution for your bathroom, you can opt for a sunken tub. It is a must have for those who view the bathroom as their perfect retreat from the stress of the everyday activities.  

  • Freestanding bathtub 

Choosing a freestanding bathtub is a great accessory for your bathroom. You can opt for a copper bathtub or one made of wood or natural stone, depending on the overall design of your bathroom.  

  • Transparent bathtubs 

Transparent glass tubs are an exceptional addition to your bathroom. They gain more and more popularity over the years and are about to become mainstream.  



Wooden floors  


Image source: Renoguide

The wooden floors are an unusual but yet quite original solution for your bathroom. You have several possibilities: 

  • Hardwood floors 

They are totally acceptable for the bathroom as long as you have your shower or bathtub on a separate platform. You can use rugs around the shower cabin in order to manage water drips. 

  • Stone and wood planks floors 

If you want to create a spa-like atmosphere that looks quite posh as well, you can combine smooth stones and wooden planks for the floor of your bathroom. The "wow" effect is guaranteed. 

  • Unpolished wood 

Unpolished wood elements are also a great addition to a modern bathroom. We are not talking about floors here but about accents such as towel holders or cupboards. Shower seats are also quite popular and add a rustic charm to the bathroom.  


Flowers as accents  


Using flowers to decorate the bathroom is a long-standing tradition that is still modern nowadays. You can opt for any of the suggestions below: 

  • Orchids 

These flowers can thrive with little sunlight and love humidity and hence they have been a common accessory for the bathroom. There is a plethora of nuances of this flower that you can choose from in order to decorate your bathroom. 

  • Pocket gardens 

Having a small garden in your bathroom is also a popular idea. You can grow a pocket garden, which will match perfectly with a skylight or large windows. 

  • Succulents 

If you want to add some freshness to your bathroom, you can decorate it with a bowl of succulents. The deep lush green of the plant will change the overall atmosphere of your room.  



These are some of the unusual ideas that can turn your bathroom into a modern retreat where you can relax and get refreshed. With your next renovation project you can try one or combine some to achieve an astonishing effect.  

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