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Natural Stone Tiles: From Rustic to Modern Design Solutions



Natural stone tiles are suitable for both interior and exterior solutions and due to their multi-functionality and beauty, they can be used to create different styles and atmosphere in your home. Natural stone is ideal for two quite different styles – rustic and modern. The earthen warmth of the colours of stones such as limestone or travertine are perfect for exposed walls that bring in the rustic charm. The immaculate white colour and intriguing veining of the marble tiles makes them the most preferred tiles for sleek modern design in the bathroom. In addition to that, natural stone tiles can be used as accents here and there around the entire house in order to create that specific feeling of eternity and glamour.  


Exposed walls for rustic charm 


If you want to add some rustic charm to your home, you can opt an exposed wall made of natural stone. The kitchen is one of the most suitable rooms to use such an accent. You can also play with texture and materials until you turn this place into a functional oasis that is the focus of your home. Because of its social function, the kitchen is the ideal place for an exposed wall. You can use split face stone in order to get that stunning look. Limestone or travertine glacier cladding is an excellent solution as their delicate tones and nuances are easily combined with other natural stone tiles and various materials.  

For a more sophisticated look in your family room, you can choose an accent wall made of crema marble split face glacier. The tone is very soothing and will help you relax and enjoy your time at home. You can choose any of the other glacier claddings and combine them with the right wooden furniture to create that peaceful rustic atmosphere of a cottage in the woods.  

The bedroom can also be a good choice for an exposed stone wall. You can use it as a headboard or as a special form of decoration. 

In order to achieve the stunning effect of the feature wall you need to choose a wall that is free of furniture. Thus, this natural stone decoration will become the focal point of your room. The other option is to add open wooden shells on it and display some decorations over them too. As a whole natural stone and wood go hand in hand if you want to welcome the rustic style to your place.  


Modern solutions for the house 


The other usage of natural stone tiles is to create sleek modern designs around the house. The best stones for these décor solutions are granite and marble. Their timeless beauty and longevity will add luxury to your home and change the overall atmosphere in the house.  

The kitchen can be equipped with a marble kitchen island that can be the focal point of the room. It is a convenient solution for both large and smaller kitchens and there is a great variety of designs that you can choose from. The island may be made of the same stone as the countertops but in a contrast shade for a more dramatic look. It can be used for cooking, serving and even extended into a dining table for the family. 

Another modern solution for the kitchen is a granite countertop, combined with floor tiles of the same stone. Here you can play with different types of tile finishes and patterns in order to create a more interesting design. A fabulous backsplash can be another modern accent in the kitchen made of natural stone. 

The living room and the bedroom will also look modern with the right natural stone floor. Black stone tiles are trendy this year so you can either choose them as an accent or opt for the classic combination of black and white. It is a good idea to combine floor and wall tiles with different shades and even made of different stone. In addition to that, you can look for some other accents made of natural stone such a as: 

  • Marble columns are a great way to divide a large room into two separate spaces devoted to different activities 
  • A marble coffee table can be a luxury addition to any room 
  • Stone furniture can be ideal both for internal and external usage and can turn your patio, for example, into a luxury retreat for nights with the family and friends. 

You can also display decorative elements made of natural stone here and there to add to the beauty of your place. A chandelier, a lamp or a big vase with flowers in the corner can change the atmosphere of any room. 

The marble bathroom is the epitome of luxury since ancient times but it is also a modern solution preferred by many. You can combine different types of marble for the floor and walls with a marble bathtub and sink and bespoke bathroom accessories. Turn your bathroom into a contemporary place for relaxation and time for yourself.  


The unique features of natural stone tiles determine their versatile usage. Their qualities such as longevity, durability, beauty make them a preferred material for any renovation or new project. You can use one and the same stone both as your main covering material for floors and walls and for a decorative element here and there that can change the overall feel of the house. The charm of natural stone tiles is that they are perfect for recreating different styles – from rustic to contemporary. So, next time you are renovating your home, think about the multiple ways, which will allow you to incorporate natural stone into your décor.  

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