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Natural Stone Tiles with Beige and Gold Nuances for Your Home Décor


When speaking about a monochromic design we generally think about black or white natural stone tiles that can be used to decorate any room in our home. There is another possibility and that is to use tiles that are in the beige spectrum – anything that is gold, tan, light brown or cream will do miracles for your home décor.  

The advantage of using natural stone tiles in these colours is that there are numerous combinations between the various shades and the different types of stone. Almost all of the natural stones come in one of these nuances, so there is a combination to choose for each room of your house depending on its usage and your preferences. 

Below you will find a great range of tiles in the beige spectrum that you can choose from for your next home renovation project. 


Beige and cream marble  


Marble is an eternal beauty in all its forms and nuances. Black and white marble creations can rule our home and turn it into the most spectacular place, however, there are also the beige and cream nuances of this stone that can steal your heart. The tiles can be used both for interior and exterior projects and will add luxury to your home décor. Here is a list of the most popular marble tiles that come in these shades: 

  • Crema Marfil Select Marble – it is best used for interior floors and walls and can be installed in almost any room of your home. The finish of the tiles can be either honed or polished, depending on your preferences and on its use.  
  • Lunar Shadow Marble – it comes both as polished and honed tiles and its colours vary from beige and cream to gray. It can be used for walls and floors for indoor projects around the house.  
  • St Lucia Marble – these tiles come with polished and honed finishes, so that they can suit more interior projects. You can opt for this marble for any place in your house.  
  • Ottoman Silk Marble – these polished tiles are perfect decoration for interior walls and floors in your home. The shades vary from beige/cream to brown/tan.  
  • Emperador Light Marble – this stone comes only in polished finishing and can be used for walls and floors inside the house.  


Gold and yellow limestone  


Limestone is another natural stone that has many applications around the house. It is often seen in the bathroom or in the kitchen, but its gold and yellow shades are also a perfect addition for an accent wall in your dining room or bedroom. You can choose from: 

  • Sledmere Limestone – the tiles come with a unique tumbled or sandblasted finish and are perfect for those, who prefer warmer colours at their home. It can be found in different sizes, which makes it suitable for both big and small renovations and projects  
  • Golden Beach Limestone – these honed mosaic tiles are perfect for wet rooms and bathrooms and allow your imagination to create different shapes. It combines well with other shades or different types of natural stones.  
  • Nova Gold Limestone – yet another type of honed mosaics that has an array of uses around the house, including wet premises and feature walls.  
  • Napolina Oro – these herringbone polished mosaic tiles are excellent for interior walls and floors.  
  • Gold Blend – this limestone comes in the form of hexagon honed mosaic tiles that are perfect for creating a contemporary setting in any home. An occasional splash of quartz lining makes them suitable for accent walls as well as for amazing flooring solutions.  
  • Golden Fossil Limestone – the tiles come with a tumbled finish and are suitable for both interior and exterior projects. They are good for walls and floors for every room in the house, including wet rooms.  


Brown and tanned travertine 


Travertine is known for its longevity and is associated with bathrooms since the time of the Romans. It comes in various beige nuances but its brown and tanned shades are an exclusive addition to any room in the house. The most popular type is the Moca Noce travertine that can be: 

  • Mocha Noce Honed & Filled – these tiles are a superb option for interior walls and floors. They can be used in any room – from the kitchen to the toilet and will add unique beauty and warmth to your home.  
  •  Mocha Noce Tumbled Travertine – this is another version of the tiles, which has depth of the colour due to the tumbled finish. It will make a good choice for any interior project.  


Yellowish granite  


Granite is popular for its strength and weather resistance in addition to its beauty. The most common colour of this natural stone is gray, however it comes in various shades. One interesting option are the yellowish nuances of the stone. Mainly, there are three types of tiles to choose from: 

  • Sunrise Granite – these tiles give a contemporary look to any indoor and outdoor project. The stone can come in polished, bush hammered or flame textured finish and can be applied in bathrooms, kitchens, living spaces and externally 
  • Juperana Columbo Granite – these tiles come with a polished finish and are suitable both for interior and exterior projects. They will look stunning both in your kitchen and on your patio.  
  • Shivakasi Ivory Granite – you can choose between polished and letano finish depending on the project you have started. The tiles are perfect for internal and external use.  


Glacier cladding in the beige spectrum  


Glacier cladding is an excellent way to introduce some decorative tiles to your home interior. Depending on the stone, the glacier cladding comes in different nuances and one of the most functional shades are in the beige spectrum. Here you can select between two main options: 


Mosaics in earthen tones  


Mosaics are loved by many for their home renovation or initial décor since they give a lot of freedom and set no limits for the imaginations. Depending on the stone they are made of, mosaic tiles can have different finish and colour. If you want some peace and comfort at your home, we suggest the warm earthen tones that can be found in: 

  • Olympus Crème Tumbled – these mosaic tiles can be used for home décor projects both inside and outside to give a warm finish to every project.  
  • Premium travertine – these mosaic tiles come in two different finishes: honed & filled and tumbled. They are best used for interior projects all around the house.  


As you can see, there is a great variety of stones in the beige spectrum that you can use around the house on different projects. These tiles are suitable for exterior solutions as well. If you are in doubt which is the best natural stone tile for your renovation, we will gladly help you choose – come to our store or contact us for more details.  

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