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White Natural Stone Tiles for Your Home Design


In our next article dedicated to the monochromatic design, we are going to look at the other eternal colour – white.  

White natural stone tiles are suitable for any premises in the house and are also a good solution for outdoor projects. No matter if you decide to arrange the entire room in white, combine white and black tiles or use white only as an accent here and there, you need to know what kind of natural stone you can find in this colourNo doubt, the first that comes to your mind is marble, and that is logical – the greatest variety of white tiles are marble tiles. There are, however, some other options that you can select from. The most notable ones are limestone and quartzite. 

Below, you will find a brief review of the best white natural stone tiles, their suitable finish and where to use them for great results. 


White limestone tiles 


Limestone is a sedimentary rock, which has a very broad usage. It is mainly popular as a building material and has its place in architecture. Limestone comes mainly in grayish nuances or tan/cream colourshowever there is a shade that can be classified in the group of the white natural stone tiles – the Pietra Plano Extra Limestone. These beautiful tiles look in its best with a honed finish. They are suitable for a great range of interior projects and can be used both for floors and walls. The Peitra Plano Extra Limestone can be your choice for a white kitchen or bathroom, and you can also refresh your entrance floor or utility room with it. The tiles are an excellent accent for a dining hall or a living room as well.  


White quartzite tiles 


Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that is formed as a result of tectonic compression from pure quartz sandstone. It has many usage as a decorative stone since it is quite hard and when crushed it can be used even in road construction. Pure quartzite is usually white or gray but due to the presence of iron oxide or other minerals it can be found in various nuances – pink, red, green, yellow, blue and orange.  

When considering decorative white quartzite for your renovation, we suggest the White Quartzite Riven Glacier. These tiles with their uneven riven finish make beautiful accent walls both for interior and exterior projects. The tiles can be also used as a flooring option and will look great in rooms such as the kitchen, dining hall, bathroom and even the bedroom. They are also suitable for high-traffic areas as the hallway, the utility room or the toilet. Even though quartzite is not in the spotlight as other more popular stones like limestone, granite or marble, it won't let you down if you choose it for your next refurbishing 


White marble tiles  


Last but not least come the marble tiles. Here you can enjoy great variety of tiles and finishes that can be used both in interior and exterior projects. Having a marble bathroom is a great idea, and why not make it bright and shiny white with some wood accents, for exampleThe white kitchen is also an eternal classic and having a marble kitchen island is the perfect focal point of this highly-used room.  

There are many types of white marble tiles that you can choose from and no doubt the most famous ones are Carrara and Calacatta marble tiles. Here are a few suggestions, including this all-time favourites: 


Mosaic tiles are a great possibility for stunning walls and floors. Being able to choose between honed and polished Calacatta marble mosaic meand that your options are unlimited. The white base intertwined with delicate grey and gold veining will add glamour to any room. You can use the mosaic tiles as an accent, as a backsplash or have your entire kitchen walls covered with them and imagine that you are living in a fairytale or another epoch.  


These tumbled marble mosaic tiles are yet another alternative to the more luxurious Calacatta mosaics. The tiles are suitable for interior projects and can be applied both on walls and floors. You can use these white tiles in every room around the house, starting from high-traffic areas as the kitchen and the entrance and moving through the bathroom to the living room and the bedroom.  


Here, you can find many varieties when it comes to the size of the tiles and their finish. Carrara marble is perfect for creating modern and contemporary look to any new project as well as for renovating a timeless classic. No matter what your tiling project is, you can find the right tiles for you. Polished, tumbled or honed, these tiles can be used inside and outside. Add a wow effect to any room by selecting any of these two more specific Carrara marble tiles: 

  1. Italian Carrara Marble Polished Diamond Mosaic 



2. Italian Carrara Honed Mini Brick Mosaic 


These mosaic tiles live up to their high-quality reputation and are perfect for feature walling or panels along a great abundance of other uses. 

Carrara marble is a welcomed stone in any room. If you want the perfect solution for your kitchen, bathroom or living room, all you need to do is find your white marble tiles and let your imagination and interior design affection do the rest. 


As you can see, there is a great variety of white natural stone tiles that you can use for your next tiling project. No matter if you will opt for a monochromic appearance of your kitchen or bathroom or you will prefer to combine it with other colours, you can relax that you have sufficient options to choose from. The other good news is that you can combine the different stones as well to create an even more stunning effect. Visit our showroom, give us a call or simply get inspired if you need any further assistance in finding the best white tiles for you.  

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