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How To Use Natural Stone For Your Modern Design Home Interior

Turning your home into a dream come true or transforming it into a piece of art from a design perspective is an intriguing, challenging, and certainly rewarding task. Regardless of whether you are an interior designer or someone looking to make a difference at home, you may want to seek inspiration from the current trends in design.

Modern design is among the design styles that have been able to withstand the tests of time. Thanks to its flexibility and ability to change according to recent innovations in architecture or home design, it is one of the most preferred design paths to take in 2019. Its solid reputation as a leader in design has motivated us to look into it in more detail from our position of natural stone enthusiasts. It turns out that combining natural stone with modern design leads to some pretty exciting and unique home solutions that you may want to experiment with for your next home renovation project.

In this article, we will briefly cover the nature of modern design and share how you can use natural stone to create the ultimate modern home décor.

What is a modern design?

Although often confused with contemporary design, modern design offers a world of its own. While contemporary design is a style that changes over time, modern design refers to a specific period of time. To be more exact, the origins of modern design stem back to the early to the mid-20th century and can be traced back to Germany and Scandinavia.

The nature of this design style puts emphasis on offering affordable housing solutions for all. The main idea behind modern design is living in clean lines, spaces rid of clutter, and an overall sense of simplicity. Functionality is at the heart of this design path and form is a reflection of function. Neutral tones in the white, beige, and black nuances are a popular color choice for designers fond of the style, with a few delicate accents possible. The use of natural materials is also common practice, including steel, plywood, and plastic. Seeking to create synchronicity between beauty and functionality, modern design remains a top choice for designers and homeowners today.

How does natural stone fit in with modern design?

For starters, it is important to note that natural stone is an extremely eco-friendly decorating solution. The pure beauty of natural stone products is not only eye-pleasing and soul-filling but they offer timeless elegance and uniqueness in design. You can go for a luxurious modern design or enjoy a simple brilliance by using natural stone décor.

Natural stone can enrich your living space with extra warmth and charm. There are a wide array of natural stone choices to pick from, including granite, marble, limestone, quartzite, onyx, and more. It is worth doing a bit of research before selecting the natural stone type that you want to apply to your new modern designed home.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what modern design is and how natural stone can be used, it is time to move on to a few suggestions on how to successfully use this natural gem for stunning home design.

1. Stone slabs for a truly luxurious look.

If you are looking to design the perfect modern home and install natural stone as part of the décor, stone slabs are among the first things to consider. Marble stone slabs are a popular choice for decorating modern interiors. The unique appeal presented by granite, onyx, and travertine can serve as the ultimate décor for a classic design. You can shine with an expensive look and achieve mesmerizing visual effects.

2. Play around with stone tiles.

We mentioned that modern design likes to keep things simple. However, there are certain exceptions that you can take advantage of. For instance, experimenting with stone tiles in special parts of the house is a great idea that can provide surprising results. Use your creativity and arrange your stone tiles in a square, rectangular, triangular, or even hexagonal shapes and add a cool accent to your modern home interior.

Some of the best parts of the house to use stone tiles are the kitchen, the bathroom, or the floor. Alternatively, stone tiles are also a great solution for outdoor rooms or office spaces to add personality and style.

3. Creative kitchen and bathroom fixtures made from stone.

Remember how we mentioned that modern design still welcomes some creativity despite its simple nature? Thanks to the pure colors and textures of natural stone, using a piece of marble, onyx or granite can certainly change the look and feel of the entire area. For instance, install a stone sink or a stone bathtub in your bathroom and enjoy indescribable comfort.

The texture of stone will add authenticity to your home interior and will make you feel extra special bathing in natural stone.

4. Use natural stone for lighting.

By now you have probably noticed that natural stone can easily be included to any part of your home. It can be installed as flooring, take an active part on your walls, catch attention as a centerpiece, or be the foundation of your bathtub. You can even use natural stone products to design unique lighting fixtures. For instance, classic table lamps made of natural stone are a wicked way to express your personality and taste in design. In addition, there is no need to worry about stepping away from the idea of modern design thanks to the natural colors and textures of the stone.

The use of natural stone in a home interior arranged according to modern design is far richer than we are able to cover in a few paragraphs. However, we hope that our ideas have inspired you to uncover the hidden beauty of natural stone and design a modern home that will last through time. The durability and beauty of natural stone products make it a top choice for decorating home interiors across the world. Be as creative as you please and start your new journey towards the best modern designed home!

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