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The Unique Qualities of Natural Stone Tiles

natural stone qualities


Natural stone tiles come in many varieties and colours to allow you to choose the best style that matches your preferences. You can select marble, granite or travertine for your kitchen in order to recreate the atmosphere that will make you feel at home. No matter if you prefer the contemporary style with clean lines or you adore the rustic style with its natural touch and earthen colours, the natural stone tiles are the best decision for your design. 

In addition to their eternal beauty, natural stone tiles possess a myriad of qualities that make them stand out when it comes to construction, remodelling or decoration of any area within your house or in the garden.  

While you are probably aware that natural stone is quite durable, you may be surprised that it has excellent heat and cold withstanding qualities and is the best material to choose for a house with kids. It is also easy to maintain and is recommended for people with allergies. Below, you can find some more interesting details about the outstanding qualities of natural stone tiles and why they deserve to be your first choice. 

What are the main qualities of natural stone tiles? 

qualities tiles

Natural stone tiles have unique qualities that allow them to be used both indoors and outdoors, for wet and dry premises, as well as for floors, walls, and many other forms of decoration. This is due to features such as: 

  • Great variety of stone tiles. There are various stones that are suitable both for indoor and outdoor usage and can be cut into different shapes to suit any project. The main types of natural stones used for tiles include marble, granite, slate, travertine, limestone. 
  • Great verity of finishes. Each natural stone tile can be finished in order to have a different surface and texture that is suitable for different usages. The main types of finishes include polished, honed, antiqued, split-face, brushed, tumbled. 
  • Great variety of nuances. In addition to having the option to choose between different stones, you can also select the preferred nuance of your favourite stone. While some stones, like limestone, come in one basic colour and different shades, others like granite or marble vary from white to black allowing you to match and mix them to great interesting patterns. 
  • Easy to maintain. Natural stone tiles are quite easy to maintain once you seal them properly upon installation.  
  • Durable and long-lasting. Natural stone has been used in construction since ancient times. Many of the great building such as the Coliseum, Taj Mahal, etc. are still proudly displaying their beauty despite the ages that have passed. If you opt for natural stone tiles in your home renovation project, you will have a material that will keep its properties for decades to come and can withstand lots of wear and tear.  
  • Green and sustainable. Natural stone tiles make your house greener and can be used for sustainable building because they have low energy consumption, CO2 footprint, easier production, and a very long life cycle.  
  • Reusable and recyclable. Natural stone can be reused multiple times and when recycled it can be used as gravel or mulch. 
  • Hypoallergenic. Natural stone tiles are perfect for people with allergies as they are free from toxic emissions. 

These are but a few of the numerous qualities of natural stone tiles that make them an excellent choice for your house.  

How to use natural stone tiles in the summer? 

summer natural stone tiles

Natural stone tiles are also perfect for the hot summer days as they do not absorb heat that quickly as other materials. If the tiles are used for patios or in the garden, they will keep it cooler. If not under direct sun, they will be pleasant to step on. 

Natural stone tiles are also perfect to be used around the pool. Limestone, travertine, and granite are some of the best stones to choose for your outdoor projects.  

Natural stone is the best solution for allergies 

allergies natural stone

Nowadays, many people suffer from different allergies and quite often their home décor and accessories should be designed in a special way to prevent them from a serious illness. Many materials emit odours or other harmful emissions that have a negative impact on health. 

Since natural stone tiles are absolutely free of such harmful emissions, they are perfect for people suffering from allergies. In addition, it is pretty easy to maintain and clean such floors and prevent the accumulation of dust and debris.  

Natural stone tiles and kids 

kids natural stone

Natural stone tiles are also quite a good idea for a home with kids. The tiles are very durable and can resist rough play, spills. They are easy to clean and are a safe environment for the kids. Selecting honed or tumbled tiles guarantees that your kid won’t slip on the floor even in the early years when they are in the first stages of walking.  

Natural stone tiles and pets  

pets natural stone tiles

quite often pet owners are wondering what is the best flooring material for a house with pets. It is obvious that it should be something durable, easy to clean and able to withstand wear and tear. Natural stone tiles are perfect for dog owners as well as for other pets because of their unique qualities. 

Natural stone tiles won't scratch and scuff easily, and choosing a floor made of marble, travertine or granite allows your pets to run around freely and you do not have to worry that the tiles will be damaged. Since natural stone tiles are also cool in summer, pets love laying on it in the warmer days.  

If you have decided to remodel your house or garden, natural stone tiles are one of the best options to choose. They have unique qualities that make them a solution for any project and their variety can meet everyone’s specific choice. 

If you have any questions about the best natural stone tiles for your project, we are here to answer all of your questions.  

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