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New Product: Goldsborough Limestone

There is no better way to start the new year than with a brand-new product so we are super excited to introduce you to our brand new Goldsborough Limestone.

We designed this product ourselves to fit in with more contemporary designs whilst still taking inspiration from the traditional cabochon design. Whilst cabochon would usually include 4 cut corners, we have opted for 2 cut corners which we believe is easier on the eye and creates a more modern-day minimalist look. 

The cabochon design is reminiscent of stately homes and Georgian period properties making it perfect for period renovations or classically styled new builds. The lightly tumbled edges help create the impression that the tiles are part of the original design allowing it to blend seamlessly and beautifully within an older property.


The understated fossil and shell detailing within the stone adds character while remaining subtle enough as to not detract from other features within the property or the overall effect of the cabochon styling. 

The cabochon format tiles (2 x corners cut) are supplied with Regency Black tumbled limestone 100 x 100 inserts as pictured. However, customers are welcome to use alternative inserts to suit their individual colour schemes. 

The Goldsborough Limestone tiles can be found on our website via the link below.

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