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Petember special: is natural stone flooring dog friendly?

A question we get asked time and time again - is natural stone flooring suitable for dog? Many clients worry that their stone will be scratched or scuffed by their canine companions. So we thought it was worth writing a blog with some advice, especially at this month is House to Home magazine's #Petember...

Put simply, natural stone flooring is certainly suitable for homes with dogs and other pets. In fact, it is better than most other flooring options - hardwood can easily stain, laminate can be slippable and carpet will damage.

Natural stone is one of the most durable materials on the planet. This durability and resilience gives dog owners some key benefits. A granite, marble, slate or travertine floor will not scratch easily, meaning your dogs can run around to their heart's content without damaging the floor beneath them.

For areas with pets we would highly recommend a honed, tumbled or natural split finish on the stone. Polished is not recommend for areas that might be subjected to staining.

Honed, tumbled or natural split stone tiles can be easily cleaned if pets have a little accident. We recommend all customers seal their natural stone flooring, which helps protect the material from any, er, nasty surprises. 

Many of our happy customers have dogs and have great feedback on the resilience of their flooring. The only extra thing to consider is that, unless heated underfloor, stone flooring can be a cool surface. With this in mind, treat your dog to a comfortable furry rug or luxurious bed for nap time - this way they can keep warm and cosy.

To find out more about how to take care of your natural stone, read our blog here 

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