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The 3 Elements of Your DIY Dream Garden


Spending time outside is a wonderful way to relax or have fun with family and friends. In order to make the experience even more pleasant it is better if you have decorated the garden yourself and in accordance with your needs and interests. The design possibilities are ultimately endless, however there are just 3 main elements that you need to include in order to have the garden of your dreams – suitable vegetation, proper landscaping and matching facilities. If you invest sufficient time into choosing these three elements and combining them efficiently, you will surely be proud of the final result. And the outcome will be even more stunning if you choose to implement all the steps by yourself and with the help of friends and family, of course.  


Search for inspiration and draw a plan 

So, where do you need to start? By finding inspiration, getting informed and drawing a plan. You can look through some garden design magazines, browse through several internet sites (click here to see which are the best) or consult a professional designer specialized in gardens and outdoor facilities. Your ultimate goal is to find the combination of plants, outdoor tiles and facilities that will best match your style, the size of your property and the specific climate of your location. Once you have selected each of these three elements draw a detailed plan to follow. Consider, which step you need to do first, research the best sites or shops that deliver plants and building materials, plan the time you will invest in the project and who will help you and for which element you need professional assistance. Last but not least make a drawing or a computer visualisation (whichever you prefer or are able to do) of how the garden should look like with all plants, alleys and facilities in place. And remember, it is not necessary to have a huge backyard in order to have the garden of your dreams, you can turn your patio, porch or balcony into a lovely retreat with the proper elements.  


Small-scale landscaping 


The first step in your project will be to prepare the terrain for the transformation. If your backyard is not even or needs additional soil to support the plants you have chosen, you will have to remodel it to fit your needs. In other words, you will be doing a small-scale landscaping. Landscaping refers to any activity that modifies the visible features of an area of land, which includes the flora and fauna, the terrain shape and elevation, water bodies, etc. If you want a swimming pool you will need excavation work. If you want a rock garden you will need a pile of rocks delivered to your place and arranged in a specific way, along with the suitable vegetation to grow between them. If you are planning a gas-powered outdoor kitchen you will need the gas company employees to come and check if the connection is possible and what needs to be done in terms of works.  






Planting the garden 


Once you are done with preparing the area you should think about the proper plants that you need to plant in your garden. If you already have some vegetation – trees, bushes, flowers, you can try to incorporate them in the design. If you are starting from scratch – then do your homework and find which spices will flourish under the weather conditions of your place. Some of the green decoration needs to be planted at a specific time of the year, usually spring, or need specific soil to grow better. You should also take into account whether any grown plants will stand on the way of the outdoor facilities you have planned. Depending on your plan and design it may be a good idea to plant the plants first and then to proceed with paving and building a fireplace or installing a pergola or a gazebo or first do the construction work and then proceed with the gardening. In most of the cases it is advisable to do the bigger works first, such as any excavation, laying of stone tiles or concrete, etc. prior to taking care of the suitable flora. In other cases, the plants are the main focus of the project, especially if you have limited space. With the proper flowers, herbs or succulents you can transform even an ordinary terrace into a cozy place for relax. Add a hammock or a rocking chair and your personal oasis is ready.   





Incorporating outdoor facilities 


As part of the research and preparation phase of your outdoor project you should have identified the outdoor facilities you want in your garden. To ease the process, we will suggest a few of the most common and useful facilities that you can have, depending on the space and budget you have envisaged. Taking into account the natural and weather conditions is also of paramount importance – there is no need to invest in a pool if you are living in an area with intensive rainfall, low temperatures and little sunshine or build a fireplace to keep you warm if it is constant summer.  

This step, perhaps, is the one where you might need the help of professionals depending on the outdoor facility you have chosen. Digging a pool or providing gas connection for your outdoor kitchen might be something that you need to get done by the respective experts in the field, unless you are one yourself. This will not undermine your efforts and contribution to the entire project.  

So, here are just a few of the most popular outdoor facilities that you might want in your garden: 

  • A pool and/or outdoor shower 
  • An outdoor kitchen 
  • Fireplace with a place for sitting and/or eating  
  • A rock garden, also known as a rockery or alpine garden 
  • A gazebo 
  • Movable furniture combined with pergola, a hammock, rocking chairs, swing, etc.  
  • Decorative elements depending on the chosen style and budget – mosaic ornaments, natural stone paving, hand-made plant tops or vases. 











We hope that these suggestions have inspired you to create your dream garden. Combine the 3 main elements we have listed according to your taste and space and enjoy the summer months. If you have chosen natural stone tiles for any of your outdoor projects, our team will gladly assist you with additional information and advice.  



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