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10 Clever Ideas for Accent Walls 


If you feel like changing the atmosphere in a room without too much work, then think about creating an accent wall. This is a solution that can be used in any room in the house – kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc., as well as outside, e.g. in a pool. There are many ways to create a fabulous feature wall, some of which you can do yourself, while others require a more sophisticated design and installation.  

Below, you will find 10 clever ideas how to decorate your wall, but first you need to pick the right wall to accent. Architecture can help here – if there is a niche or a wall surrounded by columns then this should be your choice. A wall that holds a fireplace or the one above the headboard in the bedroom is the right focal point. The accent wall can also be used to divide a larger room into spaces with different purpose. 

Here are a few examples of interesting feature walls that can inspire you for your own project.  


Painted accent wall 

Using paint is perhaps one of the most wide-spread techniques to create an accent wall. Any shade can be used, however there are a few rules that you need to observe in order to have the right effect. If you want a touch of drama then you should opt for a dark colour. Vibrant colours as accent reveal your bold personality and a coloured wall in a black-and-white setting definitely draws attention. Blue, grey, black, purple, orange – any nuance is suitable for an accent wall as long as it corresponds well with the rest of the décor. 







You should also consider chalkboard paint. It has proved its qualities as a kitchen backsplash and is definitely a smart solution for an accent wall, especially in the kids' room. Besides, you can write some inspiring quotes or the daily tasks there and change the decoration, i.e. the drawings, on it as often as you like. 



Accent wall with wallpaper  

The wallpapers are slowly returning back to the fashion scene and they are a perfect solution for an accent wall. They are easy to install and the variety they offer is incredible. You can choose between different patterns and shades. Flower wallpapers are extremely suitable for an accent wall. Geometric patterns are quite popular as well. You can even do a small DIY project and decorate a plain wallpaper by yourself with lines, shapes or other ornaments. For a more sophisticated look you can choose wall murals or photo wallpapers that represent your personal style.  










Natural stone accent wall 

Natural stone is one of the best ways to accent a wall in any room. The great variety of glacier cladding that we offer is suitable for bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, staircases. Because of its texture, the natural stone cladded accent wall is both sophisticated and calming. No matter if you choose marble or travertine for your feature wall the effect will be stunning. In addition to that this material is extremely durable and very easy to maintain. 







Tile accent wall 

Another low-maintenance decoration for your accent wall are tiles. They can handle some wear and tear without being easily scuffed or dinged. Besides, tiles make a fantastic focal point, especially if used out of their typical places – the kitchen and the bathroom. A tile wall at the master bedroom really stands out and speaks of personal style and preferences. Tiles are also excellent to accent walls or columns in the dining or living room.  



Wood accent wall 

Wood is yet another material that you need to consider for your accent wall. It brings warmth to any room and makes us feel closer to nature. You can also be quite creative in using it in any room – from the bedroom to the bathroom. It fits together with all other materials. You can opt for a wall made of wood pallets, salvaged wood or wooden logs. A variation is to make a striped wall with pine (or any other wood) boards and let the colour paint peak through them.  







Accent wall covered with plants 

If you like plants and the fresh feeling they bring to a house you can turn one of your walls into a fake garden. Choose a room and a spot that receive a lot of light and create your "outdoor recreational place". You can go only for green plants or combine them with blossoming flowers for more cheerful colours. The idea is particularly suitable for city dwellers, who do not have other possibility for building their dream garden. In addition to being a beautiful natural decoration, plants will also improve your well-being since they will filter the air in the room.  





Shelves as an accent wall 

If you like built-ins, perhaps the best accent wall for you will be the one decorated in shelves. You will create an interesting feature wall in the room and have a lot of additional storage place. You can also opt for a bright contrasting colour of the wall behind the wall to increase its contrast and turn it into a real focal point.  



Textile accent wall 

Hanging a tapestry or a carpet on a wall above a bed or a sofa instantly changes the entire atmosphere in the room. You can opt for a single or multi-coloured piece of work depending on the rest of your décor. If you have a whole wall of windows you can also play with the curtains that you hang above them so that this becomes the accent in the room. 



Accent wall decorated with artwork  

Using artwork as a focal point in a room is quite an old tradition. You can choose whether you want to hang one big piece of art or a collection that you have been gathering. Your family photos or kids' drawings also count. 







You can even create your own piece of art by painting the wall in fresh and cheerful water colours. You can depict geometrical, floral or abstract designs as per your liking.  



Accent wall bathing in light  

Using lighting to create an accent wall is perhaps the most complicated project of all but it deserves all the efforts needed. For a more dramatic effect you can combine lights with wood or natural stone featured wall. You can play with the colour of the wall you have chosen in order to create the "whoa" impression you have been looking for.  





Instead of a conclusion, we would like to offer you another smart idea for an accent wall – the ceiling! Painting it in brighter colours or decorating it with some patterns will add charm to any room. 





Images are taken from Houzz, homedit, Style at homeUltimate home ideas and Ultimate home ideas for bedroom.

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