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The Bathrooms Of The Wealthy


If you have the possibility to earn a lot of money it means that you can design your dream home to feature anything you like – from a private amusement park to a spa-like bathroom and a high-tech, super comfortable bedroom with adjustable beds. One of the signs of luxury and wealth from the Roman times is the usage of natural stones to decorate your bath. You can choose anything from White Carrara Marble to Black Extra Granite tiles to make a statement. And if you can combine your wishes with a substantive financial support than you can enjoy the comfort and extravagance of the celebrities. If you need some inspiration of unique bathrooms with definite personal touch just keep reading.

Celebrity Bathrooms: Inside Celebrity Homes

If you are a pop icon, movie star or a famous athlete who makes millions per year, you can afford the best in terms of property, furniture and bathroom décor. Some of the stars choose quite a posh style, while others stick to the basic colours and solutions. So, let's have a peek into some of the celebrity bathrooms.

Perhaps, quite unexpected and in contrast to Charlie Sheen's stormy life, his bathroom is simple and sophisticated, while featuring only one basic colour – white and a few black tiles for decoration. This marble-tiled bathroom features a freestanding bathtub, glass shower enclosure and his-and-hers basins. The simple beauty is enhanced by the daylight coming from windows, covering two of the four walls.


Footballer Phil Neville also opted for simplicity and the classy black and white combination. The lack of sufficient natural light is compensated by a number of spot-lights and two large mirrors above the vanity top.


Another football player and his famous wife also opted for the spacious but simple bath design – David and Victoria Beckham changed a lot of homes (and bathrooms in this sense) due to his career that has taken the family around the globe. Their old UK home featured a large natural-lit bathroom in soft colours with separate sinks for him and her in the middle of the room.


Unlike the previous three examples, some of the celebrities opted for a bathroom that definitely makes a statement. Like Lionel Richie's bath that features oak furniture, limestone fireplace and a lot of decoration. Thank god, it also has a free standing marble tub packed with mahogany tiles to differentiate it from the living room it resembles. 


Nicolas Cage has several mansions of various style and for his Las Vegas home he chose a lavish bathroom that resembles a small spa center in size and design. The focus is the tiled tub that you step up into. There is plenty of space to walk around and the room is lit by a combination of several types of lights.


Perhaps the most personal of all celebrity bathrooms is that of Christina Aguilera that features a rug with her own face. The room is decorated with a fireplace and a lot of candlesticks and figurines, while the white bathtub stands in the middle. 


These were just a few examples of how the wealthy invest their money into the most private of all rooms – the bath. You can get some more ideas taken from the celebrity houses in the article below:

We hope that you enjoyed the examples of wealthy and not so typical bathrooms above. With the help of our excellent natural stone tiles and your imagination or a good designer you can recreate some of the celebrity baths at your own home or even improve them. Turn your bathroom into your personal retreat and spend a lot of relaxing moments there.

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