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The Marble Bathroom


The bathroom has evolved throughout the years to become a fully functional luxurious room nowadays. Even if you are not a celebrity, you can still make your own bath look gorgeous with one very easy trick – use natural stone tiles and vanity tops for your unique design. The ultimate material that is a synonym of luxury since Roman times is marble. However, successful designers know how to use granite and limestone to create unique combinations that can turn a small, ordinary bath into a relaxing spa-resembling retreat. The eternal combination of black and white can be applied to rooms of any size and can be used to give the bath from rustic to celebrity look. Below you can find a list with some of the most interesting bathroom solutions both of the wealthy and for those on a smaller budget and with tiny rooms. 

Sophisticated Bathroom Designs That Use Marble To Stay Trendy 

As we have already mentioned, there is one way that you can turn your bathroom into an eternal classic without much effort and with reasonable investments – that magic word is marble. You can combine Carrara White  with any darker and veined marble to accomplish a sophisticated look. The magic of this type of natural stone is that it is also easily combined with other materials – such as wood or other stones. On top of that it can be used either as a highlight - a marble vanity top, marble-tiled bathtub or a marble-decorated wall, as bellow: 


Or it can be utilized for an all-marble-bathroom design as it was done in Australia in Seacombe Grove House by b.e. architecture. 


One of the very successful combinations for a bathroom is the mixture of wood and marble. The natural stone tiles used give this relatively small room the sense of glamour, while the wooden shelves and cupboard doors make it cozy and welcoming. The large window combined with plenty of mirrors make the bathroom bright and the stunning city view is an extra that you can enjoy while having a bath. 


The combination of black and white is an evergreen that can be applied to any room in the house to make it stand out. Add marble to this duo and you will end up with a sophisticated bathroom that speaks of luxury. The illuminated bathtub below surrounded by black marble walls with a white accent at the back wall is simply inviting you to grab a glass of champagne and forget all your worries. After such a bath all the troubles of the day are washed away. 


As a natural material, marble is most often associated with posh, spa-like designs, however it turns out that it can be successfully used for those who prefer more minimalistic and even industrial-like setting. The combination of marble tiles, concrete and white sink and toilet turn this bathroom into the perfect retreat for those who prefer simplicity. You can use our Silver Lace Polished Marble or Lunar Shadow Marble tiles to recreate this look. 


Marble proves its reputation as one of the most beloved natural stones for the design of bathrooms. It serves perfectly both as main material and as decoration or highlight and it can be combined with other natural stones or wood to form the retreat you have always longed for.

For more unique ideas about marble bathrooms check the compilation provided by Freshome:

If you want a bathroom that is cool and chic and stylish at the same time, then natural stones and especially marble can help you achieve it. There are so many combinations and variants that this beautiful stone with its unique veins offers that we can only wish you patience in choosing. Meantime, you can enjoy these dream bathroom designs, luxurious showers, spa-like bathrooms in the video below: 

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