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2018 Trends: Marble, Curved Furniture, Warm Colours and Black Kitchens


Marble lovers can relax since this gorgeous natural stone is here to stay in 2018 as well. Part of the tendencies for next year include marble and natural stone tiles as the leading hero for your interior design. The other trends feature different pieces of artwork, a lot of cacti around the house, wicker, warm colours and black, yes black kitchens.  

Are you planning to redecorate your home next year? If the answer is yes, perhaps you need some fresh ideas of what will be trendy in 2018. Below you will find some suggestions and then you can browse some interior design sites that will inspire your home remodeling. 


Marble and other natural stone as the ultimate expression of beauty  


Natural elements will be a leading trend in 2018 as well. Using materials that are both beautiful and long-lasting creates a space that speaks of luxury, tranquility and will stand the test of time. Natural stone can be used for the decoration of any room in the house and marble, more specifically, can be the focal point. There are many uses of marble throughout the house and outdoors as well – as floor and wall tiles, kitchen islands or tops or accents in the bedroom. Specific for 2018 will be the move towards marble in bolder colours. 

Here are just a couple of ideas how you can incorporate natural stone in your home décor: 

  • Monochrome spaces with natural stone 

If you are looking for simplicity and peace in your room, then you need to design it in the same colour family. Tone on tone is the way to do it but it requires a lot of discipline when implementing the idea in practice. It is a good suggestion to opt for more earthy and paler tones. Garrowby tumbled limestone is an excellent natural stone tiles for a relaxing living room or comfy bedroom. Combined with wall paint and textiles in the same shades they will give that cozy look of your room that you are dreaming of.  

  • Statements with marble  

A statement with unique marble tile patterns is the perfect accent for any room. Herringbone and chevron patterns will remain trendy in 2018 as well. Replacing your floor tiles with more expressive ones is a great way to change the atmosphere in an already familiar place. Marble is a great stone for flooring for any room in the house – it brings a touch of grandeur and that special timeless feeling reminiscent of old times. 


Curved furniture for cozy seating options 


2018 comes with a move towards comfort and curvy furniture. Leading designers describe the sofa as the new daybed with comfortable backrest. The curvy sofa is the alternative of the L-shaped sectional for the next year. In addition to their comfort and beauty, these sofas look great from every angle and divide the room in unique manner. Placed near a fireplace, they appear as if hugging it warmly.  

You can also play with colours and texture to give the furniture a more personal look. Velvet is back on the scene and even though it may not stay for long, it is a great texture to experiment with. Combine it with deep blue colours and you will have an astonishing focal point in your living room.  

The curved seating options are ideal for those who feel a bit nostalgic about the beauty of the 1950s and 70s.  


Warm colours for tranquility  


While cool and neutral colours dominated the palette of internal designers for quite a while, next year will make way for an abundance of earthy shades, warm nuances and statement accents.  

Walls will be decorated in tan, sienna, rust or terracotta, while the accent objects will either be tone on tone or in diametrically powerful colours. Next year you can let each room in your home tell a story. Do not be afraid to combine peach and pink with green, as long as you don't go over the edge. 

Some other colours that are coming back to fashion in 2018 include yellow, red, coral, olive green, teal and chartreuse. Black remains trendy as usual, especially for kitchens as you will see below. 

The overall tendency will be to use softer shades that correspond to the desire to build a cozy home for you and your family.  


Black kitchen as a declaration of high classblack-kitchen

Image source: Home Designing 


In 2018 black is the new white. Full stop.  

Marble continues to be number one material for kitchen decoration and you can see it on floors, walls as kitchen islands and countertops but with a slight difference.

The all-black kitchen will be preferred for a contemporary and more sophisticated look for any modern home. If it is matched with hidden appliances and indoor plants, the million-dollar feeling is inevitable. This popular look is completed with hardware decided in black, bronze or dark metals. Gone is the age of brass and rose gold. 


So, what's in for 2018? Definitely more warmth and coziness, comfortable sofas and stunning natural stone designs. The use of richer colour palettes combined with deeper tones, velvet upholstery and marble accents allow for a greater flexibility in decorating your house. The combination of various shades and finishes adds a touch of sophistication to the atmosphere of any space.  

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