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The Most Creative Bathroom Trends for 2018


The bathroom is a place to escape from all the stress of the daily routine and relax in a pleasant atmosphere. It is safe to state that the bathroom has become the personal sanctuary we have been looking for. It is not simply a place to wash away all the dust from work or play but a spa retreat that helps you get rid of all the negative emotions from the day. 

Therefore, if you are planning to renovate your bathroom, you need to make sure to incorporate all your favourite trends. 2018 is the best year to do it, since it offers options for any taste: from small to ever growing bathrooms, combinations of natural materials and metals, statement accent walls and bold colours and appliances, from simplicity to high-tech solutions. Choose your style from the options offered below and let your imagination finish the rest of the work. 


Bathtub for two or his and hers showers? 


Image source: Ideal Home 

In addition to being a spa retreat, the bathroom is essentially becoming a place for two. The high priority is to spend valuable time with your significant other while enjoying all the comforts a personal bath or shower offers. Efficient, especially in the mornings, is to have separate washbasins. But you can make one more step, if you want to spend more time with your partner and still enjoy the freedom of showering alone: 

  • His and hers showers – this is the solution for busy couples who need a quick shower in the morning before they rush to work. You need a large walk-in space with separate showers, controls and screens. Thus, you can enjoy a shower the way you like it – very hot or rather cool and be with your partner at the same time, without having to take into account their water temperature preferences; 
  • A bathtub for two – if you are more romantic than practical, then you should opt for a bathtub that accommodates two. You can make it the star of your bathroom. Who would refuse a spa-like pampering with nice scents and candles and the perfect company of the beloved one? If you want to make it more dramatic you can opt either for a sunken bathtub or put it on a raised platform in the middle of the room.  

No matter which of the two options is yours, make sure to design it in such a way that you enjoy the time spend in the bathroom and feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards. 


Is the bathroom getting smaller or growing bigger? 


Image source: Sebring

When you are thinking about your new bathroom while browsing different sites for inspiration, do not get disappointed that you have limited space only. The 2018 bathroom is getting smaller but still combines functionality and luxury in one. The new design trends aim to put every inch in good use. The overall idea is to make the space look and feel comfortable and not cramped. Here are three things to consider when remodeling your small bathroom: 

  • A free-standing bathtub for one 
  • More shelves and less cupboards 
  • Tailor-made sinks, vanity tops and toilets that are smaller but look like a piece of art 

The scaled-down bathroom can also feature a walk-in shower as this also saves space and makes the room look a bit bigger. The right accessories and brighter colours also trick the perception of size. 

Strange as it may sound, another tendency for 2018 is towards expanding the bathroom as much as possible. You can move it outwards, assimilate another smaller room, such as a walk-in wardrobe, or move the washer/dryer to another place. The idea is to create a space of beauty and comfort, where you can refresh yourself not only by washing. In order to optically enlarge the space you can use the following tricks: 

  • Play with light – either natural or artificial, the abundancy of light makes any room look bigger 
  • Put on large mirrors – they help reflect the light and also optically enlarge the room 
  • Install big light-coloured tiles on the floor – they give an illusion of size and due to the less joints are easier to clean and maintain. A marble floor is an excellent solution for a larger bathroom. It will add that additional luxury that you are looking for 

Big or small: which is your size? Do not complain by the limited space your real estate gives you but make the best use of it and rest assured that you are still in line with the latest trends of 2018.  


Pick your favourite: Industrial style or a tech bathroom? 


Image source: Renoassistance 

There are two other competing trends that are fashionable for 2018 – the industrial style and the tech bathroom. Simplicity and imperfection against modern technologies and sleek designs. 

  • The industrial style is a current trend for 2018 as well. So, if you have a lot of piping in your bathroom, do not try to hide it. Leave it exposed, emphasize the imperfections by embracing them. Add a metal bathtub, a brick wall and a concrete floor to complete the look. Some rustic wood elements will tone down and warm up the atmosphere. 
  • The tech bathroom – with the advance of the technology, the bathroom is not left behind. Small details that make life easier or simply impress are incorporated in this retreat. Mirrors with LED lighting are more and more often found in bathrooms. Motion detectors, valves that customize temperature, touch screens that give information about weather, even smart TVs can be found in the bathroom of a tech savvy. Replacing the radiator with a tower dryer is also a step towards the progress of technology. With the smart homes becoming more and more popular, why not start 2018 with a smart bathroom?  


Gold and brass Vs wood in the bathroom 


Image source: Ideal Home 

Metal elements are part of the tendencies for this year. Gold and brass are returning to rule the space in the bathroom. The warm gold tone of the fixtures perfectly matches the modern grey colours of the bathroom. Brass and gold elements are also a perfect solution for the lovers of the industrial style that is making a return in 2018. In addition to that, the gold tone looks good with many different styles, hence its return to the stage is quite welcomed. 

Those who love natural elements will be happy to find out that they are trendy in 2018 as well. Wood elements and accessories are always welcomed in the bathroom to make it feel more homey and warmer. A hardwood floor is a great way to make a statement in your bathroom especially if you decide to mix the styles and combine it with a few high-tech gadgets. 


Marble or ceramics: The eternal beauty  

marble bathroom

Natural stone tiles, especially marble, are part of the 2018 trends for every room in the house. No wonder that marble remains the king for bathroom wall and floor solutions. This year, the darker colours will rule, so you can choose green, purple or black marble tiles, combine them with cream or tanned ones for a more dramatic effect or match marble with other natural stone like limestone or travertine for a classical look. 

For those, operating on a tighter budget, the good news is that ceramics is still fashionable in 2018. Choose between the great variety of shades, sizes and patterns and recreate the style that you are longing for. Combine bolder colours or work tone-on-tone to get the most relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. 


The conclusion that comes to mind is that homeowners are looking for innovative ways to make their bathrooms more appealing and comfortable for all family members. 2018 is the year when you can be bold and try different combinations of tiles or various tile patterns in order to create your statement bathroom and still be fashionable.  

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