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Marble Tile Floor Patterns


Whether you are building your new home or simply renovating it, the floor demands more things to be considered than it might look. Choosing the right material and the way it would be laid out are of vital importance as it changes the aesthetic and feel of the room.

Wish to add a touch of Italian beauty and style to your floor? Marble is the material you have been looking for. By using marble you can achieve a Million-Dollar-Home Look, without paying nearly as much. Although it is true that the material is not inexpensive it is definitely worth the investment. It is a luxury stone, however, it can be purchased on clearance and it is a good investment, as it looks gorgeous, lasts a lifetime and it is easy to maintain.

Even if you did not have marble in mind for your flooring, you should definitely consider it. Oh, you like marble but are not sure how it can be laid out? Find the most commonly found patterns below.

One Tile Marble Floor Patterns 

- The first way to lay the marble tiles is the straight lay. It embraces the beauty of the square tile in a timeless square grid pattern. A combination of colours can be employed to a grid pattern to achieve an interesting palette or to add accents. 

- The second pattern on this list is, actually quite similar to the first one, the diagonal. This style requires the tiles to be set on a 45-degree angle. It results in the floor being visually expanded. Great if you feel the area looks over-furnished and needs expansion.

- Next up is the brick pattern also known as running bond, offset pattern or subway style. Here, the tiles are rectangular and offset by half the width of the tile.

-Herringbone. Using one size and color, this pattern adds visual texture to the floor in a very elegant way. This pattern fits very well with a modern interior setting once again proving marble’s timeless charm.

- The Checkerboard pattern is achieved by using two colours of square marble, most commonly black and white, which can be set straight or in a diagonal direction. This pattern gives off a very aristocratic feeling when it comes to the floor of your foyer.


Two Tile Marble Floor Patterns


By Sroka Design, Inc. via Houzz 

-Classic French or diagonal with dots. This patter combines two black and white square tiles set diagonally. The difference from the previous pattern (Checkerboard) is in the size of the tiles; large white tiles are notched at regular intervals with smaller black (or darker color) accent tiles. This pattern is very classy and elegant, perfect for a small to medium sized kitchen.

- Pinwheel, also known as Hopscotch is a pattern where a small square tile is surrounded by four larger ones. Just like in the previous pattern (Classic French), the colours of the big and small tiles are different, preferably black and white.

- The next pattern is called basket weave. This design is achieved using squares and rectangles to create a woven effect. The tiles can be lighter and darker brown, which creates a sense of coziness and warmth or a combination of white and gray, etc.

- Windmill.  This style is similar to Pinwheel, however, in this pattern a small square tile is surrounded by four other small rectangles. The outcome looks like a grid of dots - a very fresh choice for your bathroom.


Multiple Tile Marble Floor Patterns


- Custom mosaic. Custom mosaics are great because they are designed specifically for your room. It can be a mix of a specific combination of diverse coloured marble. It can also be an assembly of different shades and cuts of marble that would create a painting or figure. This is a perfect way to add a personal touch and perhaps something meaningful that is close to your heart. This would result in your home being unique and with history for generations to come.


Evidently there are a lot of patterns that you can choose from. Some are quite popular, such as herringbone, subway or classic French, while others are more explicit and can be applied only in certain areas depending on their size and purpose.

No matter what pattern you choose, the only way to truly enhance the purpose of your design is to use a high quality marble tile with beautiful colour and texture such as marble.

In case you have found something you like but are not quite sure if it would look as good in real life or if it is the right choice for any room in particular than you are more than welcome to come visit our showrooms with current locations in York and Watford where you can consult with our experts.

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