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5 Tips How to Buy Natural Stone Tiles Online


Although online shopping has become an integral part of our everyday life, there are still some products that people prefer buying in an actual shop. Some of these include food, shoes and building materials, even though people are adopting tricks on how to avoid visiting stores. This may include going to your favourite brand retailer to try a few pairs of shoes and once you are sure which size and model fits you better you can proceed with ordering online. There are some other tricks and advices as well for different types of goods. 

One of the things we avoid buying online are natural stone tiles because we would like to see them, touch them, ask a few questions before choosing which tiles are the best for our project. Well, the good news is that you can actually do all of these while sitting in front of your computer in the comfort of your home.   

Below, you can find a handful of tips that will guide you throughout the process of purchasing natural stone tiles online.  


Ask for a sample 


One of the main reasons we choose to buy our natural stone tiles in a shop is that we can see and touch them. Actually, this is also possible when purchasing online. And it is even better, because you receive the sample at your home and then you can check if the colour or the texture of the tile will match your other décor. On our website we give you the possibility to offer up to two free samples of any stone that you choose. On top of that against a small repayment you can get more samples or even order a full-sized tile, the price of which will be deducted from any future bulk order. This is a great opportunity to see and feel the actual tiles and make an informed decision about your future floor, kitchen top or bathroom walls without leaving your home.  


Call or chat with a representative 


Another important reason for going to an actual shop when choosing natural stone tiles is the opportunity to talk to a shop-assistant who is familiar with the specific details and characteristics of the product and can answer all your questions. This, however, is also possible when you are shopping online. Some online shops offer the possibility of a life chat with a representative, who can answer all your questions. Here, at Natural Stone we give you the opportunity to call us directly. We are available to answer all your queries and give you as much details as you need. Our experts are ready to give you free tips and advice on which tiles are better for your bathroom or what you need to look for if choosing kitchen tiles and countertops. While browsing through the website and choosing tiles, you can even note down any questions you have and freely ask them afterwards. And if you need any further details you can always contact us over and over again, which is better than physically traveling to the shop to get an answer. 


Use online filters to find your best match  


Visiting an actual shop and choosing between all the goods at display, or worse, with just part of the goods visible, while the others are hidden in the store, can sometimes be very frustrating. Hence, online shopping can be a real relief. On our website you can use the online filters to find the perfect match for your project. You can filter the natural stone tiles by the material, colour or their purpose, which makes choosing much easier. It also saves you the trouble of liking something which is not suitable for your project. If you are working on a new patio or garden design, you can immediately select exterior tiles and keep on researching the options they offer instead of liking a tile and then wondering if it is suitable for an external layout. On top of that, most sites also provide calculator by means of which you can see an estimate of the overall cost of your project. You can, thus, compare different options. Try to see if the kitchen floor will be more affordable by using grey granite or white marble tiles, for example.  


Compare prices over the web 


When you visit a shop you can check the prices of the different types of tiles it offers but you do not know whether they are cheaper or more expensive than the similar tiles in a nearby store. While shopping online, however, you have the opportunity to compare the prices and choose the best one. Just bear in mind that the lowest price is not always the most favourable one. Make sure to check if the price includes possible design, delivery or discounts for bulkier orders. You can also search for any possible holiday discounts, clearances or "Black Friday" type of deals. Make sure that the quality of any discounted tiles matches your needs. Once you find the best ratio between price and quality you are ready to hit the order button. 


Get the best delivery option 


Last but not least check what are the delivery options. Since natural stone tiles are quite heavy and bulky you need to be well aware of the delivery terms and prices. Sometimes, online shops offer better delivery conditions compared to conventional stores. Always double check if delivery is included in the initial quote you have received and whether you are charged depending on the distance to your home or depending on the weight of your order. Quite often there are special discounts if you choose more than one service – like delivery and unloading of the tiles, or even assistance with the laying of the tiles, since a lot of online shops offer a variety of services to compliment your purchase. Since natural stone tiles can be damaged during transportation, some can be scratched or even broken, it is advisable to enquire about returns and refunds prior to completing your purchase. Always check that you have received the same thing you have order and not a different type of stone or shade before you sign the delivery protocol.  


If you follow these easy tips of how to buy natural stone tiles online you will soon discover the pleasure of purchasing such specialized goods from the comfort of your home. For more inspiration for your forthcoming home renovations you are welcomed to visit our site.  


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