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Advantages of Exterior Natural Stone Tiles


If you want to freshen up your poolside deck, add some elegance to your patio or lay new alleys across your garden it is good to consider exterior natural stone tiles for your project. Natural stone has been used in construction for centuries and it has proved its qualities over time. Take a look at the Coliseum, the Parthenon or Taj Mahal and you will soon be convinced in the durability and aesthetic features of travertine, granite, or marble.  

Nowadays, we are used to having natural stone tiles inside our house – as kitchen countertops, bathroom floors, walls and even tubs or as a statement fireplace decoration tiles or highlights here and there throughout the entire house. We truly admire the beauty they add to our home and the easy way to keep them clean. There is no doubt that natural stone tiles are an excellent decision for any renovation or new construction project inside the house. These tiles, however, are also a superb solution for almost any external project that you have in your mind concerning the porch, patio, garden, shed or pool areas. This is so because of the numerous advantages natural stone has. Below you can find some of the most important things that distinguish these tiles from the rest.  


Natural stone tiles are durable 

One of the indisputable advantages of natural stone tiles are their durability and longevity. If properly maintained such tiles can last for decades and even more. It is important to seal the natural stone no matter if you use it for interior or exterior projects. This makes the tiles even more resistant to scratches, abrasion and they can withstand harsh weather conditions easily, such as heat, extreme rain or freezing temperatures.  


Natural stone tiles are unique and beautiful 

Natural stones occurs in nature and hence no two look alike. This means that you get tiles in numerous shades and colours that can help you design a memorable masterpiece in your patio or garden. You can use the veins in the marble or the clefts in a riven slate to form interesting patterns that will catch the eye of your visitors. The natural beauty of the stone tiles combines excellent with grass, flowers, water and virtually anything that comes as part of your garden landscape. The other good news is that you can combine different types of natural stone tiles in one project or in different areas around the garden as limestone and marble or slate and granite look good one next to the other. 


Natural stone tiles can lighten up or tone down the area 

Since natural stone can come in very light and quite dark colours, the tiles can be used to lighten up or tone down the area. If you are considering to lay tiles as pavement throughout your garden then take into account the natural conditions where they will be put. If the area is shady and darker you can go for lighter stones like white marble or beige travertine. Thus the path will be clearly visible both at day and night. On the other hand, if the spot collects a lot of sunshine or is very well lit up during the night you can go for darker materials that can be easily distinguished from the surrounding area. Black granite cubes are an excellent solutions for such cases.  


Natural stone tiles are eco-friendly  

One less known advantage of natural stone tiles is that they are energy efficient and thus can increase the market value of your property by improving its environmental footprint. Natural stone, like slate for example, has the potential to be cool roofing or paving material. It absorbs heat and helps reduce the so called urban heat island effect and therefore these materials are considered to be eco-friendly. Unlike the alternative materials natural stone has three main features that makes it stand out: it is natural, low-maintenance and extremely durable. Natural stone also has the ability to store heat and release it gradually. So, if you are concerned about nature, go for natural stone tiles for your next external renovation project.  


Natural stone tiles enhance the value of your property  

Last but not least, one important quality of natural stone tiles is that they will increase the value of your property, should you decide to sell it. This is due to the combination of the qualities that we have just listed above. Any patio, pool or outdoor kitchen decorated with natural stone tiles looks posh and elegant and is essentially a good investment. 


If you are looking for good value for money, then we strongly recommend using exterior natural stone tiles for your renovations. Do you already have a project in your mind? 



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