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The Secret of the Luxury Kitchen: Natural Stone and Wood 


The ultimate secret for having a luxury kitchen is, well, to have sufficient funds to be able to afford it. There are stunning designs that cost tens of thousands of dollars and more and feature the latest appliances, modern materials and follow the fashionable colour tendencies.  

In this article, however, we will try to inspire you to have a luxury-looking kitchen on a smaller budget. You can achieve that by following some or all of the tips given below. The devil is in the detail, as the proverb goes. 


Choose a style 

Your starting point for decorating your kitchen should be to choose a style. There is a great variety that you can pick up from – modern, contemporary, rustic, Mediterranean, light, dark, all white, etc. It is better if the décor of your kitchen follows the overall theme of your home since it will be a bit of a shock for your guests, for example, if you have an ultra modern entryway, lounge and living room combined with a typical rustic dining area and kitchen. It is not completely forbidden, of course, to mix styles. Just make sure to consult an expert so that they don't combat but compliment each other. The other trick is to find the best colour that will match your kitchen and make it look more expensive than it actually is. You can achieve that by going all white, choose the modern grey, royal blue or the extravagant red – it all depends on your personality.  


Luxury modern red kitchen



Mediterranean design kitchen



Eclectic kitchen design



Contemporary kitchen with modern elements


country-kitchen- green

Country kitchen with brick and stone work


Combine natural stone with wood 

If you have browsed through the internet for kitchen design inspiration probably you have noticed that the majority of posh and luxury kitchens include natural stone and wood elements. We can safely state that this part of the secret of having a good looking and yet functional kitchen. Both stone and wood are natural materials that blend perfectly together and can be combined virtually with anything. Natural stone tiles can be used to represent any style and epoch. Marble and granite have since long been the choice of the wealthy, hence this material is associated with luxury. Installing a granite countertop on the kitchen island combined with natural wood flooring or with high quality limestone tiles adds value to any room. The fact that natural stone is relatively easy to clean and maintain and has superb durability and longevity should not be omitted as well.  


Spacious white kitchen with dark flooring and countertops



Elegant country kitchen with massive dining area island.



 Combination of two tonnes of wood and natural stone countertops and floors


Add an "unnecessary" item 

An interesting and fun idea how to make your kitchen look posh and luxurious, besides the substantial investment in designer brands and materials, is to add an item, which is generally considered as "unnecessary" in a conventional kitchen. We will give a suggestion of five such items or areas, however if you start thinking out of the box you will come up with many more ideas of your own.

1. Walk-in storage 

Can you think of a woman who hasn't dreamed of a walk-in wardrobe? There were some funny suggestions that the gentlemen's equivalent of that is the walk-in fridge, preferably stocked with beer. In the same line, a walk-in storage place will be an excellent addition to any luxury kitchen. Instead of having to open cupboards or drawers to look for the necessary utensils or spices, for example, why not have a special area designated for them. This can be achieved by using a dividing wall to create a special storage place in the kitchen itself or fully transforming a separate nearby room.  



2. Built-in coffee bar 

Having a wine cellar or rack in your kitchen is no doubt a luxury feature that is, however, quite common now. Therefore you can think about something not so traditional, such as a built-in coffee bar. Such a feature will be a particular treat for coffee lovers. You can equip your mini café with state-of-the-art coffee pot and espresso machine, cups and mugs of various sizes to serve the different beverages and a amazing assortment of coffee types, sugar, sweeteners, cream. Such an unusual spot in your kitchen will definitely make it stand out. 



3. Skylight  

If you are fan of natural light think about having a skylight in your kitchen, if the construction of your house allows it. The skylight makes the space open and looking bigger while providing fresh air. It will also reduce the need of artificial lighting and during the night you can enjoy the beautiful starry sky.  



4. Warming drawers 

The warming drawers are quite popular for hotels and restaurants but they can make a very nice extravagant yet comfortable addition to your kitchen. They will allow the food to stay warm without utilizing an oven. The warming drawers are a perfect solution for holding a party or for a household whose members tend to eat at different times.  



5. Brick oven  

While every kitchen features an oven, if you want to make yours stand out think about a brick oven. This addition is excellent for pizza lovers and for those who would like to have a more sophisticated rustic style. If you have chosen a modern décor for your kitchen and the idea of a brick oven appeals to you but does not match your design then there is good news – you can find ultra modern posh-looking wood or gas fired ovens to compliment the look you are striving for.  


We hope that we have inspired you to go forward and built the luxury kitchen of your dreams. If you have extra cash to spend or just need some additional ideas, you can visit and browse through the other wonderful kitchen designs they present. 

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