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Decorate Your Bathroom with Natural Stone to Match Your Personality


There is no better place that can reflect your personality than the bathroom. Regardless of its size, you can turn it into your comfort zone by decorating it according to your personal preferences. When you combine your ideas with high quality material then you are simply destined to succeed in your endeavour. There is no better material for the perfect bathroom than natural stone tiles. You can choose between various types of stone and combine them quite easily to achieve the slick, modern or relaxing appearance of the place.  


Choose your natural stone 


A natural granite rock

There is a great variety of natural stone tiles that you can choose for your bathroom project – marble, granite, travertine, limestone, slate. All tiles have different qualities, colours and finishes and can help you recreate the atmosphere you are looking for. 

  • Marble – this is the ultimate royal stone. It has been used to decorate bathrooms since Roman times and can be utilized both for high-end modern designs and decors reminiscent of older, romantic times. It can also be used as material for bathtubs and sinks so you can have an all-marble bathroom if you want. 
  • Granite – it is solid, durable and long-lasting stone. It is excellent for bathroom decoration since it comes in light and dark shades and combines easily with all the other tiles.  
  • Limestone – this resilient stone will make you feel like real pharaoh, since it has been used widely by Egyptians in their pyramids and not only. A small disadvantage of limestone is that it is quite porous and easily absorbs water so you need to make sure that it is properly sealed after the tiles are laid. On the other hand it combines excellent with marble to create this roman-like atmosphere of your bathroom that you have always dreamt of.   
  • Travertine – it is a softer stone that is similar to limestone and is an excellent solution for a bathroom when properly sealed. It is durable and comes in various soft colours. A bathroom made of travertine tiles is a safe heaven for the romantic, little melancholic personality, especially if decorated with candles and accessories in earthy tones. 
  • Slate – this resilient stone comes in many shades of grey, green and even purple. It is suitable for a variety of project and the personalized bathroom is one of them. Since slate tiles are not very popular for baths you can make a statement that you stand out of the crowd and that you can think out of the box by decorating yours with them.  

You can find a bit more information about the different bathroom tiles here as well.  


Add a few accessories 


Adding different accessories is a proven way to personalize any room and the bathroom is no exception. Depending on the style you have opted for, you can incorporate several highlights in your bathroom making it unique and welcoming at the same time. 

  • Special gadgets – for those of you who like the modern technology we do suggest choosing a multi-panel that incorporates not only different spa and massaging techniques but provides you with internet connection, is a source of music or other forms of entertainment. 
  • Illumination – pay special attention to the way you are going to light up your bathroom. Having large windows providing a lot of natural lights is one possibility, if the design and construction specifics allow it. Then you can choose different types of skylights or standing lamps to make the area brighter or opt for candles when you want a more romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Adding mirrors also help lit up the bathroom.
  • Accessories – here of course we can list all those small items that turn the bathroom into your space – candles, figurines, flowers, colourful rugs and towels. However, think also about interesting door knobs and handles since they can add to the overall atmosphere of your bath.  
  • Artwork – even though you may argue that artwork is just another accessory, it is an item that has its own separate power. A picture is worth a thousand words, so choose some of places or events that had the most impact on you and that reveal your strong personality. Thus you will fell like swimming in your own waters when taking a bath. 






Personalize it with colour 


Adding colour to your bathroom is another option to make the space in accordance with your personal preferences. The good thing here is that you can play with shades and nuances in different ways. You can make your bathroom white, black or a combination of black and white, let say by using Carrara white marble and black extra granite. If you like to run away from those basic colours, you can do it by using paint in bright unusual shades that reflect your personality. If you want to add colour to your bathroom but you are not brave enough to paint the walls green, red or mocha, you can use the so called "removable" colour to brighten the space. Go and buy yourself cheerful hand and bath towels, rugs or soap dispenser and toothbrush holder. This option also gives you the freedom to change your bathroom appearance in accordance with your mood, even on a daily basis. You can add soft relaxing, earthy tones when you are tired and would like to relax in the bathroom or energizing bright nuances when you need a power boost for an intense business day/week.  



Do it yourself  


The ultimate trick to create your own personalized bathroom is to do it yourself or at least add a DIY item to the décor. Once you have chosen the appropriate natural stone tiles and colour for your bathroom you can proceed with the actual work.  

  • Lay the tiles and/or paint the walls. 

If you are a handy craftsperson laying tiles will not be so difficult for you, especially if you follow some tips on how to do it. You can choose the pattern of the layout and work on the combination of shades and colours. Don't forget to apply sealer once the tiles are laid since most of the natural stone is quite slippery when wet, especially marble. Another good idea is to opt for honed rather than polished stone, especially for the floor. If you have chosen to paint the walls instead of covering them with tiles, make sure to buy the proper paint that can withstand the wet and follow all the manufacturer's instructions given. Don't forget to pay extra attention to installing faucets, sinks, bathtub or shower and consider some expert help if need be. That will not make your bathroom less personal, it will just make it safer and functioning without any issues.  

  • Add a DIY item to the décor 

For those of you who are fond of DIY projects, the best way to personalize your bathroom is to make some of the accessories by yourself. The only limit here is your imagination and all we can do is just give you a few ideas. You can blend natural stone with hand-made tiles on your bathroom wall to make it stand out. You can use shells, glass or mosaic tiles to decorate your soap dispenser and toothbrush holder or add a rug in front of the bathtub that you have knitted yourself. Even handmade cosmetics, special shampoo or rubbing cream, will help you make the definitive statement - "this is my place".  



Interesting ladder usage by


Personalizing a bathroom is not an easy task, but we hope that we have given you some ideas that will inspire you. Browse through the excellent collection of bathroom tiles that we offer to find the spark that will help you start your new bathroom project. 

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